Wall cones, nails, or pegs are usually made of clay, but can be made of stone.  Two main types exist, inscribed and not-inscribed.  Inscribed cones bear dedicatory inscriptions from a ruler/govenor to a god or goddess describing achievements and building projects.  Non-inscribed cones can be left plain or the ends may be painted.  These painted cones were grouped together to form patterns on walls.  The shapes of the cones vary based on time period and function.  

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
(none) (none) 1930,1213.360 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1930,1213.361 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1930,1213.362 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1932,1008.268 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1932,1008.279 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1932,1008.280 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1928,1010.774 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1930,1213.372 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1932,1008.270 (none) (none)
(none) 31-43-246 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 32-40-430 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 32-40-431 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 32-40-432 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 32-40-434 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 33-35-193 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 33-35-194 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 35-1-147 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 35-1-148 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 35-1-149 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 35-1-150.1 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 35-1-150.2 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 35-1-152 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 32-40-433 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 33-35-195 (none) (none) (none)
1 (none) (none) (none) Clay Cone. Inscribed.