This category includes large, long necked four legged mammals with long slender legs, and either one hump (Dromedary) or two humps (Bactrian) on the back.  

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
(none) 31-43-340 (none) (none) (none)
12752 31-16-989 (none) (none) Clay figurine. Head of a camel. [drawing 1:1]
1444 (none) 1924,0920.127 (none) Rattle. Red drab clay. Animal, with two humps, head and legs broken off.
16401 31-43-342 (none) (none) Terracotta Figurine. Camel. The rider has been broken off. Hand modeled, rough. [drawing 1:1]
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