Shawls are a square or oblong garments used as coverings for the heads or shoulders.

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
6779A (none) (none) B16299 Cylinder seal. Grey steatite. Presented. Scene of worship. Worshipper interlaced by minor goddess to seated Nannar. Attributes: Crescent moon. Inscription obliterated. Post Sargonid. Pre-3rd Ur Dynasty about 2500 BC
6306 (none) (none) (none) Diorite STATUE of SHULGI. Mutilated. King standing with hands clasped as a worshipper. "To Nannar, his king, Shulgi, the mighty one "King of Ur (king of S and A), for his life, has "presented it. This statue: Nannar the wall (_________ so is the name of the statue)." King is dressed with a fringed shawl passing over the left shoulder. B. Photo 558 H.C. Text: Dim-tab-ba Temple(3)
6280 (none) (none) B16257 Terracotta figurine. Fragmentary lower half only. Male figure in relief, profile. Wearing long flowing garment fringed. Tassel hangs down left side. 3rd Dynasty? E. [drawing 1:1]
6194 (none) (none) B16261 Baked clay figurine. Drab. Priest? heavily draped horns on right shoulder. Long blue beard running down to waist. Fragmentary. E. [drawing 1:1]
18783 35-1-104 (none) (none) Terracotta figurine. Nude female figure standing full face. The hair dressed in 5 outstanding curls, hands clasped over breasts: heavy multiple necklace and girdle and a shawl(?) which passes over the upper arms. Common type.
18701 33-35-26 (none) (none) Terracotta relief. Beaded man walking right: wears loose drapery and carries a flail (?) over his right shoulder: behind him a seated monkey.
18046C 32-40-26 (none) (none) Terracotta figurine. Woman, nude, standing full face, with tambourine : over the shoulders a spotted cloak. Coarse type. (A) Fragment from navel upwards. (B) Fragment from thighs upwards. Different mould and flatter relief: no cloak. (C) Fragment from thighs upwards: similar to (A). (D) Fragment from waist upwards: similar to (C). (E) Fragment from belly to knees. (F) Fragment: head only. (G) Fragment: from waist upwards and a smaller mould.
1779 (none) (none) B15687 Figurine. Drab clay. Head and shoulders only, in profile. [drawing 1:1]
17605 32-40-37 (none) (none) Terracotta figurine. Moulded.
1744 (none) (none) B15634 Terracotta relief. Green clay. Figure of goddess, full face, hands below breasts holding situla-bottles. Mural(?) crown on head above heavily frizzed hair: several necklaces but breasts bare: big cloak with rosettes on shoulders hands concealing arms: from waist, flounced and pleated skirt, rosettes by ears and alongside skirt. P.
17344 31-43-30 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Steatite. Dark grey. Small portion missing. Presentation scene. Two standing figures before a seated god. Crescent moon.
1728 (none) (none) B15640 Terracotta relief. 2 figures (intact). Left bearded god with long flounced dress, holds scepter (?) in right hand; full face; left hand across chest; right goddess with tall horned crown, flounced skirt and shawl, over left shoulder, left hand across chest, right hand on shoulder of male figure: full face. The plaque stands upright on a slightly hollow base. P.
16974 31-43-657 (none) (none) Terracotta relief of a woman, draped, advancing left with rt arm extended. (A) fragment: right hand and all figure below hips missing. Type XIII.5
16949 31-43-417 (none) (none) Terracotta relief. Goddess with Flounced dress and turret crown. (A) broken away at knees. Very bad condition, (All hidden by salt). [drawing]
16820A 31-43-31 (none) (none) [A-C] 3 steatite cylinder seals. (A) Illegible, save for first sign. (B) Adad ; (C) Awel-ilim (wrt LU.DINGIR.BA), Son of Ur-Dam-bur(?).
16609 31-43-35 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Black steatite. Presentation scene before seated god. Behind throne a (shrine door)? depicted like a ladder with 6 rungs.
16461 31-43-435 (none) (none) Terracotta Figurine. Moulded and then partly hand-modeled. Bearded and horned god. [drawing]
16290 31-43-422 (none) (none) Terracotta relief. Red clay, incomplete. [drawing 1:1]
1571 33-35-29 (none) (none) Clay figurine fragment of, head and shoulders; drab clay; moulded. Bearded figure with turban-like headdress, holding animal to his breast, the head of which only remains. Height c. M. 0.066
1566 (none) (none) B15651 Figurine. Fragment, waist upwards only. Drab clay: moulded. Female(?) figure with headdress and garment on left shoulder, the right arm raised. P.
1314 (none) (none) B15671 Lower part of clay relief, shewing a man wearing fringed dress of Gudea style.
1313 (none) (none) B15656 Clay relief.shewoing man in fringed dress of Gudea style, facing front, and bearing a kid or goat in his arms. P. photo 174 Diqdiqqa
12748 31-16-774 (none) (none) Terracotta relief. Fragment = moulded. Male figure, beardless, advancing right : the left hand is across the body and holds a curved weapon like a scimitar : on the head a small cap with broken : long cloak passing over right shoulder. Broken away at the hips. [drawing 1:1]
1268 (none) (none) B15593, B15593 Cylinder seal in 2 registers: above, scene of "introduction" to a goddess. A woman is led forward by a female protecting deity. In lower register, 3 swans. Inscription: Ahat-ilti. Assat Lugal-usum-gal. (cf.U1267)
12374F 30-12-2 (none) (none) Group: [A.1-.2] Large gold lunate earring. [B.1-.2] Two heavy gold wire spiral coil hair rings. [C] Necklace of gold and lapis triangles. [D] Necklace of gold and lapis double round beads. [E] Gold pin with fluted lapis head V B. [F] Lapis cylinder seal two registers. [G-I] A set of 3 gold rings, each of cable pattern with plain rim. [J-L] Are human finger bones found inside the rings. Added by project]
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