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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
11110 (none) (none) B16897 Cylinder Seal? lapis lazuli. Minute linear incisions oblique to the vertical axis of the seal. 2 registers. [drawing]
11148 (none) (none) B17598 Cylinder Seal. Shell. Poor condition. Present: scene: 2 figures advancing towards a seated god. Attributes: Crescent moon and horns standing on 2 feet. [drawing]
11405 30-12-39 (none) (none) Cylinder Seal. White shell. Presentation scene: Seated goddess: before her a female worshipper introduced by a goddess.
11566 30-12-14 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Black steatite. 2 registers: above, 2 bulls & trees; below, 2 gazelles & trees.
11600A 30-12-399B (none) (none) [A-B] Cylinder Seal & Pin. White shell cylinder, geometric pattern. Found with the copper pin plain head. [drawing]
11661 30-12-37 (none) (none) Cylinder. Grey steatite. 2 persons saluting crescent on staff. Inscribed : SudMI-IB dumu Ku-edin dam-gar.
11680 31-16-630 (none) (none) Clay Seal Impressions on lamp or tablet. with geometrical design spread eagle, star, sun? (like sign UD) angular man(?) carrying pot, and other things.
11895 30-12-15 (none) (none) Cylinder Seal. Lapis. 2 ibex walking.
11899 30-12-21 (none) (none) Cylinder Seal. Lapis. Geometrical design.
1267 (none) (none) B15592, B15592 Cylinder seal; scene of "introduction" to seated god facing right, with star and crescent above. Inscription: Lugal-asum-gal (cf. U.1268) mar Ur-sul. Su-du-a.
1268 (none) (none) B15593, B15593 Cylinder seal in 2 registers: above, scene of "introduction" to a goddess. A woman is led forward by a female protecting deity. In lower register, 3 swans. Inscription: Ahat-ilti. Assat Lugal-usum-gal. (cf.U1267)
12690 30-12-47 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Glazed frit. Blue-green. Winged dragon, rampant lion. Star.
1287 (none) (none) B15718 Clay Rosette. Fragment of light clay. Like U.1286, but larger. P.
13031 30-12-44 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Steatite. Greenish. Presentation scene and 1 dwarf-like figure.
13663 31-17-23 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Broken. God and worshipper, crescent and emblem. Fragment of inscription. steatite. HC.1929/30 - 100.
13711 31-17-15 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. White shell. With linear design.
1374 (none) 1924,0920.61 (none) Figurine. Red clay: moulded. Female figure wearing animal's skin over head and shoulders, and belt; holding circular object in both hands.
13846 31-16-631 (none) (none) Seal Impressions. 2 pieces. Geometrical design as 13817
13880B 31-16-615 (none) (none) Seal Impression. Geometrical Design. Two pieces joined. one found several days later. This is better a tablet than a jar-sealing. Also another "Tablet" with same impression.
13912 31-16-675 (none) (none) Seal impression. Rosette, altars and vessels?? etc.
1393 (none) 1924,0920.70 (none) Drab clay relief. Moulded figures. 2 figures seated side by side (on modeled seat) clothed, but one shoulder of each bare, extending each an arm towards the other. Crescent moon (?) above.
13933 31-16-645 (none) (none) Seal impressions. Geometrical, perhaps belonging together.
13936 31-16-634 (none) (none) Seal impression. Geometrical.
13954 31-16-679 (none) (none) Seal impression. Arabesque.
13969 31-16-644, 31-16-644 (none) (none) Seal impression. Inscription. HC..217.
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