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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
7525 (none) (none) B16901 Cylinder seal. Steatite. Black. 3 figures obliterated. Presentation scene before seated god bearing staff in left hand. IIIrd Dyn. of Ur. [drawing of scene]
7552 (none) (none) B16885, B16885 Cylinder seal. hematite. Black. Inscribed. Scene of worship. Shamash standing with left foot on raised step, right foot on ground, left hand raised to greet heavily draped male figure whose left shoulder is bare. Behind a goddess wearing flounced kaunakes skirt with hands upraised, and behind goddess AIA? a warrior with a bent staff carried in right arm. Below the inscription a Simish. Attributes: crescent and moon and Simish. Inscription: ^dBABBAR(^ilSumas): ^dA-A(^ilAia).
7556 (none) (none) B16886, B16886 Cylinder seal. Steatite. Black. Inscribed: practically illegible? Scene of worship: Minor deity introducing worshipper to Nannar before whom stands the crescent moon on a staff.
7583 (none) (none) B16903 Cylinder seal. Fragment. Marble, White Scene of worship. Heavily draped god seated on throne without a back holding in outstretched left hand a bird? Above double crescent moon? & between seated god and advancing figure a second bird? Second advancing fig. clean shaven, & heavily draped in long flairing skirt, behind him a goose? and behind the goose a goddess? in a flounced kaunakes skirt, both arms upraised? Behind the throne of the seated god Gilgamesh? with tail.
7615 (none) (none) B16894 Cylinder seal. Limestone. Grey. Figures faint. Scene of worship. Minor deity leads worshipper by the hand towards seated Nannar. Attributes: crescent moon and palm.
7680 (none) (none) B16893 Cylinder seal. Steatite. Black. Obliterated. Scene of worship. Votary led by the hands by minor deity towards seated presiding deity.
7894 (none) (none) B16881 Cylinder seal. Steatite. Black. Scene of worship. Votary led by the hands by minor deity towards seated Nannar. Nannar and minor deity wear flounced kaunakes skirt and low head dress. Votary shaven and shorn wearing long skirt fringed in front. Behind votary a rampant lion between 4 vertical lines, which may represent the doors of a shrine? Attributes: crescent moons one against the other as on the burnt bricks of Sin-Iddinam.
7920 (none) (none) B16900 Cylinder seal. Steatite. Scene of worship before Nannar. Enthronoed Nannar wearing horned headdress extends right hand to greet 2 standing gods also wearing horned headdress and with left arm upraised. Attributes: crescent moon and spear? with a shaped top.
7956 (none) (none) B16856 Cylinder seal. Lapis lazuli: tall slender type broken in antiquity; mended. Two registers: above, 2 worshipers approaching a seated goddess with crescent. Below, 3 worshipers approaching a seated goddess with star; behind her a tree.
8897 (none) (none) B16868 Cylinder seal. White shell. Seated goddess with star and moon and 4 standing figures.
8917 (none) (none) B16867 Cylinder seal. Green Stone Above, string pattern [drawing] Below, 2 seated and 2 standing gods
9026 (none) (none) B16876 Cylinder seal. Marble: green and white. A winged god wearing conical cap and a straight flowing skirt which is represented by vertical parallel lines, holds left arm slightly upraised while apparently addressing a second naked god. The second god is engaged in felling to the ground an unwinged god who is represented as utterly unbalanced, arms flung downward behind the head, head and feet drooping to the ground, middle of the body uppermost. Beyond: a third winged divinity stands over the back of a crouching man, right foot upon the neck, left foot upon the rump. The winged divinity also lays his right hand upon the head of a naked kneeling suppliant, and his left upon the head of a similar suppliant who kneels upon the left knee only. Bold but rather coarse cutting. Subject not hitherto found upon any cylinder seal from Ur.
9100 (none) (none) B16878 Cylinder seal Black marble? Highly polished Course cutting Slightly concave Seated god within 2 gates of a shrine. 1 divinity knocking at each door
9261 (none) (none) B16892 Cylinder seal Shell? 2 seated gods, between them a standing god. Behind one throne a palm tree.
9586 (none) (none) B16947 Cylinder Seal Haematite Black Seated god greeting 2 other divinities who approach bearing offerings? All wearing the horned headdress. Behind throne a palm tree? Attribute: Cresent moon.
9688 (none) (none) B16884 Cylinder seal Green stone In very bad condition Apparently a presentation scene
9721 (none) (none) B17024 Cylinder seal Haematite Black Copper caps. This seal adhered to copper pin U.9720 Two seated deities, facing on another, from the first a stream of water trickles from the out-stretched left hand; above, crescent moon; second deity holds a cup? in right hand; above him the sun; and third standing deity? faces him. Behind the first deity a standing attendant.
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