Molding is a process of creating an object by pressing or pouring a material into a mold. A mold is a hollow form or matrix for giving a particular shape to something in a molten or plastic state.  


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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
1571 33-35-29 (none) (none) Clay figurine fragment of, head and shoulders; drab clay; moulded. Bearded figure with turban-like headdress, holding animal to his breast, the head of which only remains. Height c. M. 0.066
1579 (none) (none) B15646 Figurine. Red clay, light surface; moulded. Female figure, seated, with flounced skirt, horned headdress, and with rays behind head. P.
1591A 31-16-855 (none) (none) Figurine. Red clay. Moulded. Head and feet broken off. Nude female figure in bold relief.
1599 (none) (none) B15680 Figurine. Light clay: moulded. Female figure in flounced skirt, standing on animal(?) with has broken away. P.
1600 (none) (none) B15685 Figurine. Fragment, waist upwards only. Light clay; moulded. Female figure with 4-fold necklace and hair curled. P.
1601 (none) (none) B15664 Figurine. Green clay; moulded. Broken away above knees downwards. Female figure, nude, with low headdress and curls on shoulders. P.
1606 (none) (none) B15652 Relief. Fragment. Drab clay; moulded. Figure of man (riding?) from waist upwards - the head in profile - and head of horse. P.
1607 (none) (none) B15661 Figurine. Fragment, waist upwards only. Green clay; moulded. Female figure with low headdress, necklace, bracelets and belt.
1611 (none) (none) B15675 Figurine, drab clay; modeled. Grotesque. Bes figure standing upon grotesque animal. P.
1652 31-16-923 (none) (none) Clay figurine. Drab clay; moulded. Bearded figure with horned headdress and pleated skirt, holding emblems; weathered.
1654 31-16-926 (none) (none) Figurine. Fragment, from shoulder to knees only. Red drab clay; moulded. Figure in profile; much weathered.
1721 (none) (none) B15631 Figurine. Red clay; moulded. Bearded figure with horned headdress, holding emblems. Found with cylinder seal U.1720. P.
1724 (none) (none) B15645 Standing bearded god. P.
1728 (none) (none) B15640 Terracotta relief. 2 figures (intact). Left bearded god with long flounced dress, holds scepter (?) in right hand; full face; left hand across chest; right goddess with tall horned crown, flounced skirt and shawl, over left shoulder, left hand across chest, right hand on shoulder of male figure: full face. The plaque stands upright on a slightly hollow base. P.
1729 (none) (none) B15668 Terracotta figurine. Fragment of lower part, from waist to ankles, of nude female figure, normal flat and wide-hipped type. P. [drawing]
1730 (none) (none) B15665 Terracotta relief. Broken. Nude female figure, full face, right hand below breasts, left hand raised (cf. No.U.1346) head and feet missing. P. [drawing]
1732 (none) (none) B15691 Terracotta figurine. Fragment. Lower part only, from waist of seated female(?) figure; no details of dress, etc, except that the skirt was flounced. P.
1741 (none) (none) B15641 Terracotta relief. 2 figures full face side by side; on l, male figure, on rt. female: both wear long skirts. Whole surface of clay flaked off & details of figs lost. P.
1743 (none) (none) B15683 Terracotta relief. Female figure, full face, apparently seated but body and legs in one plane. Hands raised to breasts. Horned high headdress with spiral curls to shoulders, flounced dress with full sleeves. Surface of clay badly flaked. P.
1744 (none) (none) B15634 Terracotta relief. Green clay. Figure of goddess, full face, hands below breasts holding situla-bottles. Mural(?) crown on head above heavily frizzed hair: several necklaces but breasts bare: big cloak with rosettes on shoulders hands concealing arms: from waist, flounced and pleated skirt, rosettes by ears and alongside skirt. P.
1745 (none) (none) B15642 Terracotta relief. Light red clay. Intact. Bearded male figure advancing right. Wears plain brimmed hat, vest and long cloak fringed down front and along bottom edge (which comes to calf) hands to chest, right hand holding throw-stick(?) in background a table with offerings(?) P.
1747 (none) (none) B15693 Terracotta figurine. Fragment. Red clay. Face only of beardless male figure very finely moulded. P.
1760 (none) (none) B15723 Terracotta figurine hand-modeled. a goat [drawing 1:1] P.
1761 (none) (none) B15707 Terracotta figurine. Pig. 2 rear legs missing, incised on belly. P. 15707 [drawing 1:1]
1762 (none) (none) B15650 Terracotta relief. Red clay. Moulded. Bearded figure, full face. On head, high horned cap (chipped), long curls on shoulder, bull's ears: dress presumably sheepskin queerly treated with lobes in relief: right hand holds mace to shoulder left hand apparently an axe of this type. Broken at waist.


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