Representations of humans or animals in 3D which are hand modeled or mold-pressed and may have been free standing.   These are separated from Plaques and Reliefs because they contain one main subject, no border, a plain background, are in high relief, and depict a stationary individual, either standing or sitting. 

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
(none) 31-16-819 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-820 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-822 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-823 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-825 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-826 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-830 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-831 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-833 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-834 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-836 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-840 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-841 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-842 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-844 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-845 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-846 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-848 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-849 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-853 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-854 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-856 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-857 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-858 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-859 (none) (none) [Unknown]

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