Context Title: FH     
Context Name (Excavation): Front of Hall's excavation area B     
Context Name (Publication): FH site     
Context Description: The excavation area abbreviation FH stands for 'Front of Hall'. By this, Woolley meant the area in front of (north of) Hall's excavation area B, the building found to be the ehursag. Woolley dug Trial Trench C (TTC) in the southern extent of this denuded area in season 4 and expanded investigations in seasons 9 and 10 in order to complete his understanding of the constructions inside the temenos and especially to find more evidence of the earlier temenos wall. In a season 9 report early in 1931, Woolley had this to say about what he found in area FH: "considerable Larsa wall, some Kassite house remains of no particular importance, and a remarkable cistern of burnt bricks and bitumen." In season 10, he said: "Having proved that nothing could be recovered in this area to complete the ground-plan of the Temenos I stopped the work."     
Season Number: 09: 1930-1931      
Season Number: 10: 1931-1932      

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
17722 (none) (none) (none) Weight. Diorite. 2 shallow circular incisions. Type II. [drawing 1:1]
17751 (none) (none) (none) Weight. Diorite with fragments of quartz. Type II. [drawing 1:1]
17820 32-40-29 (none) (none) Terracotta figurine. Nude female standing and holding an infant to her breast (heavy hair dressed in Eyptian fashion). The feet missing.
17821 (none) 1932,1008.3 (none) Clay foundation cone (fragment). Stem only, part of it splintered away.
17823 (none) 1932,1008.5 (none) Clay foundation cone. Fragment of stem.
17827 (none) (none) (none) Copper figure. Of bearded god; hands clasped on breast, body very short, with remains of iron at base: head apparently silver. Kassite.
17828A (none) (none) (none) [A-C] 3 archaic tablets all fat and oval
17828B (none) (none) (none) [A-C] 3 archaic tablets all fat and oval
17828C (none) (none) (none) [A-C] 3 archaic tablets all fat and oval
17828O (none) (none) (none) (none)
17843 (none) (none) (none) Stone vase. Fragment only with part of inscription thus [reference to drawing] [drawing]
17845 (none) (none) (none) Clay cone. Fragment of a large cone (Larsa type)
17890 32-40-455 (none) (none) Fragment of a stone vase. Grey steatite. Carved in relief with a figure of a gazelle and other objects, one apparently the head of a man. Rough poor work. [drawing 1:1]
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Media Media Title Title Label Author Omeka Label
Ur Excavations VI; The Ur III Period Ur Excavations VI; The Ur III Period 1974 Woolley, Leonard (none)
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