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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
10405A.1 (none) (none) (none) [A.1-.2] Gold Earrings A pair Period of Isin Dynasty [Drawing] 1:1
10405A.2 (none) (none) (none) [A.1-.2] Gold Earrings A pair Period of Isin Dynasty [Drawing] 1:1
10406 (none) 1928,1010.101 (none) Gold Frontlet A long oval of very thin gold leaf [drawing] Isin period
10407 (none) 1928,1010.102 (none) Cyliner Seal Lapis lazuli Presentation scene: 3 figures, all standing, and 2 columns of inscription: Bur iluda-gan; mar Ku-ru-ub iluadad
10408 (none) 1928,1010.98 (none) Beads 5 gold, 1 lapis, carnelian and agate Restrung not in original order Isin period
10409A (none) (none) B8250 [A-B] Pair Gold earrings Hoop of one broken Isin-Larsa period [drawing]
10409B (none) (none) (none) [A-B] Pair Gold earrings Hoop of one broken Isin-Larsa period [drawing]
10410 (none) (none) (none) Beads Gold (1), agate and carnelian Isin-Larsa period
7055 (none) (none) (none) Nose? Ring. Gold. [drawing 1:1]
7056 (none) (none) (none) Nose? Ring. Gold. [drawing 1:1]
7501 (none) (none) (none) Fibula. Bronze. Semi-circular, ribbed holder, each rib divided into 3 small bands. Clasp cracked at one end. [drawing 1:1]
7514 (none) (none) (none) Clay vase. Light drab. Type CCLXXIII [crossed out] CCCII.
7524 (none) (none) (none) Cylinder seal. hematite. Black. Inscribed. PA(?) dEN-ZU PA(>)-Sin warad ^dDun-pa-sag. u^d nin-har-sag-ga. Servant of Dun-pa-sag and of Ninharsag. For illustration cf. Field note on G.4. God with high horned headdress wearing flounced kaunakes skirt carrying sword in left-hand meeting second deity wearing short tunic only down to knees. This deity has a short pigtail behind head protruding horizontally over the shoulder. He is followed by a deity also in a short tunic, wearing high boots and bearing a mace Assyrian? Attributes: 7 Pleiades and crescent moon and goose.
7531 (none) (none) B17270 Clay vase. Greenish drab. Type CCLXXXIII=L
7533A (none) (none) (none) [A-C] 3 clay miniature vases. Light drab. Type CCLXXXIV=L. Larsa Period
7533B (none) (none) (none) [A-C] 3 clay miniature vases. Light drab. Type CCLXXXIV =L. Larsa Period
7533C (none) (none) (none) [A-C] 3 clay miniature vases. Light drab. Type CCLXXXIV.=L Larsa Period
7535 30-12-194 (none) (none) Clay vase. Light drab. Type CCLXXXV =L
7543 (none) 1928,1009.429 (none) Pestle. Greyish marble. Cylindrical with hemispherical top and bottom. Bottom slightly wider than top. [drawing 1:1]
7572 (none) (none) (none) Necklace. Carnelian, blue crystal, yellow and one lapis lazuli bead. 34 in all. Lentoids, ring beads, bugle beads and double conoids. Restrung in original order. Found with Phonecian black and blue glass bottle U7660 and with clay pot Type XXIX
7577 (none) (none) (none) Clay vase. Glazed, blue. Bleached white. Perforated on either side immediately below rim. Type CCXCIII
7580 (none) (none) (none) Clay saucer. Reddish. Type CCXCV. =L
7595 (none) (none) (none) Bowl. Copper. Broken and fragmentary. [drawing 1:2] Look up in analysis. Not in 63a 23a 57.
7605 (none) (none) (none) Weight Conoid. hematite. Dark green. Type IV.
7659 (none) (none) B17240 Bottle. Glazed. Originally blue. Bleached white. 2 Handles one on either side to receive straps to which the bottle must originally have been attached. On either side of bottle from neck to base a groove 15mm wide and projecting ridge on either side of the groove. Ridge widened at the base to allow the pot to stand upright. Broken and mended. Type 762=P.221 Not in Tab anal. [Tabular Analysis?]
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