Omeka ID: 2710     

(5) PG 730

White = wood black = red paste

[drawing(artifact:pattern in wood)]

(14) In the filling 030 above the floor of the grave were found traces of a pattern in wood. This had had red paint applied. In appearance it resembled the lid of a circular box. Lying horizontally upon it were a number of bone strips, rectangular in section. Dimensions of larger strips 008 x 0003 x 0002 and of smaller strips ? x 0001 x 0001. These were mostly badly broken.

Omeka Label: Royal Cemetary Notes 686-777_p106     
BM Page Number: 106     
BM Volume: 10     
Media Title: Woolley's Field Note Cards     
Page Number: 106     
BM PG Number: PG730     
BM Archive Number: 194     
Omeka Tags: drawing, PG730, Royal Cemetery     
Omeka Type: 13     
Grave # Range: 686-777     

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