Omeka ID: 2712     

(4) PG 730

the filling of the grave was 045 deep and was strewn with the clay vessels aforementioned Several of them apparently contained animal bones within the grave itself appears to have been plundered; leg bones were found in the middle of the filling and most of the parts were hopelessly smashed.

(16) Beneath one of the clay vessels, also in the filling part of a third [drawing(artifact)]

Omeka Label: Royal Cemetary Notes 686-777_p108     
BM Page Number: 108     
BM Volume: 10     
Media Title: Woolley's Field Note Cards     
Page Number: 108     
BM PG Number: PG730     
BM Archive Number: 194     
Omeka Tags: drawing, PG730, Royal Cemetery     
Omeka Type: 13     
Grave # Range: 686-777     

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