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Museum: BM     
Media Title: Field Photographs     
Description: Woolley: Grave 26.     
Project: Ur     
Photo Type: GN     
Negative or Positive: Negative     
BM Negative Number: 75     
BM Photo ID: GN0075     
PM U Print No.: 75     
PS Negative: 42692     
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Location Context Title Context Description Description (Modern)
Cemetery X Season 1 catalog cards contain the context location Cemetery X referring to late period (Persian and Neo-Babylonian) graves discovered along (or just northwest of) the northwest temenos wall. Originally believed to be a late period cemetery (along with cemeteries Y and Z nearby), it was eventually found that the graves lying near the surface here were originally located beneath the floors of domestic space that had almost completely denuded. Contextual information from later seasons indicate this area of houses and graves with the abbreviation XNCF, meaning northeast of the Nebuchadnezzar Corner Fort. Some of the material in this later explored area is as early as the Kassite period. (none)
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