BM Page Number: 70     
BM Volume: 5     
Transcription: ? PG 55 TTE Below & behind the objects already noted, but virtually touching them, was a pile of objects seen thus in elevation [drawing (section of artifact group) labeled 12-17] (10) gold leaf diadem with punctured edge width 0007 l. 036 U.8003 (11) a set of very long carnelian beads side by side, 3, and one gold 8011 (same as 22) (12) small calcite pot ht 0035 diam. 006 containing yellow paint U.7997 (13) below this some chips of pink chert. (14, 15) 2 silver bracelets U.8013 on lifting the mass tr was found below a mass of thousands of beads, shell, big carnelian & lapis & gold : 16) large gold & lapis ball bead U7914 17 broken clay cup containing beads      
Media Title: Woolley's Field Note Cards     
Description: PG/55     
Volume: v5     
Label: Ur Notes v5 p70     
BM Archive Number: 194     

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