BM Page Number: 71     
BM Volume: 5     
Transcription: PG 55 TTE 16) with these beads, 3 silver cockle shells U. U7910 8000 17) copper pin, ball head, l. 0195, complete. U.8014 18) copper pin with lapis gold & carnelian head, shaft broken. U.8016 19) lapis cylinder seal, large. U.8006 20) shell statuette of seated bull U8007 U.8033 21) v. large ribbed lapis bead w gold caps. U.8004 22) string of v. big carnelian bugles, 4 side by side or 3 & one gold on - outside, perhaps separated by v. big lapis balls U.8011, 8012 23) string of small carnelian & agate bugles w gold between U.8018 24) gold bead w a bird seated on it &.8005 25) v. small shell & lapis beads. U8008, 8009 26) gold chain w beads o lapis on it U.8002 27) string of small carenlian & gold ball beads. U8018 28) small copper pin w lapis head, l.009 U.8015 29) large silver plaque U.8007 30) 2 squares, black & white, inlaid with 5 dots U.8020 31) fragments of a cuttlefish bone U 8021 Photo     
Media Title: Woolley's Field Note Cards     
Description: PG/55     
Volume: v5     
Label: Ur Notes v5 p71     
BM Archive Number: 194     

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