Description (Catalog Card): unknown     
Description (Modern): Cylinder seal     
Description (Modern): Objects. A) Miniature white calcite bowl (the rim chipped) thus [reference to drawing] [Type RC12]. [drawing 1:1] B) Shallow bowl of basic diorite (?). C) Fragment of stone bowl (?) re-used and pierced with 3 holes: basic diorite (?). [drawing] D) Miniature square box roughly made from light drab clay. E) Miniature clay bowl. F) Miniature goblet in light drab clay thus [reference to drawing]. [drawing 1:2] G) Wheelmade pot of pinkish clay with pin-hole orifice at neck (neck broken off). [drawing] H) Clay bead (?) or handle (?) rough cylinder longitudinally pierced. [U.12771I not assigned] J) Oval pebble burnisher. Thin and flat. K) Flint chip. L) Flint saw. M) Part of clay jar-sealing with indistinct traces of relief. N) Clay jar sealing with rows of animals. [drawing 1:1] O) Flint hoe (?) of T.O. type [Tel Obaid].      


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Unknown Woolley did not list a location. (none)
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