Museum: British Museum      
Culture/Period: Early Dynastic / Sumerian >> EDIIIA 1     
Museum Number (BM Big Number): 123768     
Museum Number (BM Registration Number): 1929,1017.6462     
Notes: Muller-Karpe lists this object as part of U. 12433, however, he also notes that neither this catalog number nor grave description includes a description of a metal vessel, making this assignment suspect.1     
[1] Hermann Müller-Karpe, Prähistorische Bronzefunde (Munich: C.H. Beck, 1983), No.994, p.138, pl.67.
[2] Data collected by British Museum research team.


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Location Context Title Context Description Description (Modern)
PG/1332 This grave was essentially two superimposed death pits as it consists of two layers of approximately 20 bodies each about 1 meter apart in depth. Woolley believed they constituted one burial episode but could not completely trace the sides of the pit as parts were badly disturbed and condition in general was not good. No tomb chamber was discovered and Woolley suggested it had been completely destroyed but it is possible that none ever existed and perhaps even that each death pit represents a separate burial event. (none)
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Media Media Title Title Label Author Omeka Label
Metallgefäße im Iraq I Metallgefäße im Iraq I 1993 Müller-Karpe, Michael (none)
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