Description (Modern): 41 gold beads. Begins with three gold balls, and ends with a braided bead. There are 10 braided gold beads separated by groups of three small gold beads, but one grouping is 4 balls. Sometimes the group of three is all gold balls, and sometimes a small1     
Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number): 83-7-1.70     
Measurement (Length): 361     
Measurement (Weight): 21.2     
Notes: When Woolley excavated the beads, he strung them according to how they were in the ground. Legrain later strung them as necklaces and gave them B numbers. Maude restrung them back into strings in 1983 resulting in the date number. Records recording these changes do not exist at this point.     
[1] Description from Aubrey Baadsguaard and Keeper of Near East Section.


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