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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
500K (none) (none) (none) A quantity of beads in different varieties of stone and of different shapes, all found together and in confusion (see notes) with U.456 and other metal objects now restrung and composed into the following strins:- (1260 beads in all) - (A) 44 carnelian beads [drawing], 10 malachite beads, ball or scaraboid, and plain machite cylinder. (B) 36 beads, lentoids of banded agate, banded agate discoids, and small cat's eyes. (C) 60 carnelian [drawing], 8 banded agate lentoids, 4 large ovoids, flat, of chalcedony, amethystine quartz and agate. (D) 90 carnelian spheroids, 12 banded agate lentoids, discoids and lentoids of amethystine quartz and malachite, large, 6 in all. (E) 24 carnelian bugles or barrels, 30 carnelian [drawing], 2 ditto discoids, flat, 2 oblong agate plaques, and U.499 strung on as centerpiece. (F) 72 carnelian speroids and two double cat's eyes, strung as a double bracelet. (G) Amethyst, 24 [drawing], and 2 cylinders. (H) Carnelian: 44 lentoids, 1 bugle with separate caps, 1 bugle with acid whitened pattern and 2 pendants. (J) Carnelian: 12 scaraboids, 12 lentoids and 48 small spheroids (K) Bone pendant, jasper cone-topped ovoid, spacers of chalcedony, carnelian, sardonyx, cat's eye, jadeite, lapis and banded agate and paste, 22 in all, 6 carnelian bugles and small carnelians, in all 206. (L) 38 carnelian spheroids of [drawing], 8 lentoids of banded agate, 1 ditto cylinder, 1 sardonyx cylinder, 8 ovoids flattened of chalcedony and agate and one imitation cat's eye in chalcedony and carnelian. (M) 108 spacers of carnelian [drawing], 35 agate lentoids, 1 large ball carnelian. (N) 90 carnelian spacers [drawing] or spheroid, 15 barrel or lentoids of banded agate or sardonyx, 2 agate cone-topped flat ovoids and 1 cat's eye disk (O) 20 lentoids or barrels of banded agate, 13 ditto ball beads and 2 humped-back ditto. (P) 67 carnelian beads [drawing] and 66 lapis lazuli beads of varying types.
16280D 31-43-126 (none) (none) A set, found together, with a copper weight (?) all decayed. (A) Duck weight, hematite. weight 2.24 grs. =16 "little sheqels" (exactly) Type VI. (B) Duck weight, hematite. weight 1.152 grs.=8 little sheqels (nominal weight 1.12 grs.) Type VI (C) Pink limestone, [Drawing 1:1] In section thus, weight 3.968 grs. perh= 1/2 sheqel (4.208 grs.) Type ? (D) Shell, similar shape to last but less regular, weight 1.792 grs. (Nominal weight 1.68 grs.) Type ?
6928 (none) (none) (none) Adze head. Bronze? Triangular in section, with rounded edges. In elevation oblong and arched.. Adze consists of two oblong slightly convex slabs with rounded edges turned in, welded at top to form an arched join. 2 bronze cross pieces 12mm away from open ends. Wood belonging to handle was probably sickle shaped. B [drawing 1:2]
8073 (none) (none) (none) Amulet of mother o'pearl Inlaid with 2 spots of lapis of which one has dropped out. [drawing 1:1]
18362 (none) (none) (none) Amulet, shell a pig (?) pierced vertically through the body. [drawing]
15799 31-17-89 (none) (none) Amulet. Monkey. Shell.
19167 (none) (none) (none) Amulet. Shell. In the form of a claw. [drawing 1:1]
17115 (none) 1931,1010.85 (none) Amulet. Mother-of-pearl. In the form of a human hand (thumb broken off)
1621 (none) (none) (none) Amulet. Pig's head. Pierced between ears for suspension. [drawing 1:1]
17610 (none) (none) (none) Amulet. Pig's head; in shell. [drawing 1:1]
16118 (none) (none) (none) Amulet. Puzuzu head. White shell
7594 (none) 1928,1009.145 (none) Amulet. Ram's head. Shell. White. [drawing 1:1]
7558 (none) 1928,1009.144 (none) Amulet. Ram's head. Shell. White. [drawing 1:1]
17109 (none) 1931,1010.84 (none) Amulet. Shell in form of a human hand [drawing 1:1]
18329 (none) 1933,1013.89 (none) Amulet. Shell in form of an open human hand.
17611 (none) (none) (none) Amulet. Shell. Clenched right hand with 5 fingers [drawing 1:1]
17918 (none) (none) (none) Amulet. Shell. Duck. [drawing 1:1]
18499 (none) (none) (none) Amulet. Shell. Fish. (the mouth broken away) [drawing 1:1]
16190 31-43-8 (none) (none) Amulet. Shell. Flattened double conoid. Engraved with design of snaked(?)
18290 (none) (none) (none) Amulet. Shell. Puzuzu head.
18231 (none) (none) (none) Amulet. Shell. Puzuzu head. [drawing 1:1]
18255 33-35-166 (none) (none) Amulet. Shell. Puzuzu head. [drawing]
17870 32-40-310 (none) (none) Amulet. White shell. In the form of a flying bird (one wing missing) [drawing 1:1]
2509 (none) (none) (none) Amulet. White shell. Lion? Or bull? Roughly carved. [drawing 1:1]
16141E 31-43-137B (none) (none) Amulets. Frit. [A-B] A Pair. Miniature clenched fists perforated for suspension. [From Typed Transcript Only] [C] Necklace: Carnelian, lapis, bone, rock crystal, agate, amethyst. [D] Gold finger ring and [E] bone. [F] copper finger ring

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