This category includes double edged tools with a handle. Other names for this category are daggers, and scimitars.  

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
12178 (none) (none) (none) Copper Knife. Originally had wooden handle decorated with copper studs.
12191 30-12-283 (none) (none) Copper Knife. Type III.
12197 (none) (none) (none) Copper Knife. Type II. E.
12253 30-12-317 (none) (none) Copper Dagger. With studs on haft.
12271 (none) 1929,1017.512 (none) Copper Dagger. Broken.Type IV.
12280 (none) (none) (none) Copper dagger. On the blade traces of a sheath woven from a stiff fibrous material. Open work pattern exactly similar to that on the sheath of Mes-kalam-dugs gold dagger. Type II F. [drawing]
12284 (none) (none) (none) Copper Dagger. Type II F.
12300 30-12-288 (none) (none) Copper Dagger. Type II E.
12302 (none) (none) (none) Copper Dagger. Originally had wooden handle with silver studs. See Field note. Type IV.
12391D (none) (none) (none) Group: [A.1-.2] 2 silver wire spiral coil earrings. [B] Necklace of lapis and silver double conoid beads. [C] Copper pin [Type] VI B (broken). [D] Copper dagger Type II E (broken).
12462A (none) 1929,1017.508 (none) [A-B] Copper daggers. 2, found in the doorway leading to chamber B. Both of [same] type.
12462B (none) (none) (none) [A-B] Copper daggers. 2, found in the doorway leading to chamber B. Both of [same] type.
12479 (none) 1929,1017.55 (none) Copper dagger. With gold guard to handle and 5 gold studs to pommel. Narrow ribbing down the blade (bad condition). Type V (New 2). Cf PG1054 [Type or find location?].
12481 (none) (none) (none) Copper knife. Type IIA (new 7)
12489A (none) (none) (none) [A] Copper dagger Type II D, and [B] whetstone. Whetstone of Greenish stone. [Text reordered for clarity].
12636D (none) (none) (none) Group: [A-B] 1) 2 silver wire spiral coil earrings. [C] 2) Copper pin type V B, with silver capped steatite ball head. [D] Copper knife with binding on the handle. Type?
12637C (none) (none) (none) Group: [A-B] 1) Two copper reticules containing manicure implements attached to a ring. Both broken. [C] 2) Copper dagger Type I A. [D] Cylinder seal. Shell with copper caps. Presentation scene before enthroned god. Poor condition.
12679G (none) (none) (none) Group: [A-B] (1) Copper arrowheads. A pair. Tangs bound together by fibrous material. [C] (2) Cylinder seal. Shell. Decayed. Man grasping lion by the tail, a second man has overthrown ram and grasps it by the tail. Between the two men a palm. [D] Silver earring 1 1/2 spiral coils: thickened lunate ends. [E-F] Copper arrowheads. A second pair. Barbed and bound with string at tang end. Type VII B, but with flat instead of with round tangs. [G] Copper dagger. Type III but with elongated thinner tang.
12705C 30-12-347 (none) (none) Group: [A] (1) Beads. Small lapis tubes carnelian rings and bugles. [B] (2) Copper reticule containing manicure tools. [C] (3) Copper dagger with ivory and silver handle. Type II B. Tip missing. [D] (4) Cylinder seal. Lapis lazuli adhering to blade of 3, not photographed. Men and animals poor cutting. [E] (5) Spindles copper with lapis whorl.
12707N (none) (none) (none) Group: [A] (1) Stone vase, white calcite. For type see field ntoes. [Type] LXXVI. [B] (2) Stone bowl, white calcite. Broken badly. Type XIX. [C] (3) Copper lamp normal type cut as a shell. L. 140mm. L. of spout 100mm with ring at end for suspension. [D] (4) Beads. Carnelian rings probably a bracelet with thin silver wire bracelets elliptical, broken and decayed. [E] (5) Silver wire finger ring. [F] (6) Frontlet of beads. 1 lapis bugle and 2 carnelian bugles [G] (7) Cylinder seal. Shell. Much decayed. [H] (8) Cylinder seal. Lapis lazuli originally suspended on a silver wire. Subject. [I] (9) Copper strainer. Corroded with it. Normal type. [J] (10) A copper tumbler. Straight sided [Type] LVII. [K] (11) Copper axe type XXI. [L] (12) Copper holdfasts. Croquet hook type. [drawing] [M] (13) Copper pin. Type V B. Lapis ball head corroded with: [N] 14) Copper dagger type II B.
12709B 30-12-273 (none) (none) Group: [A] 1) Copper axe. Poor condition. Type XXI. [B] 2) Copper dagger. Type II F. [C] 3) Copper pin. Lapis ball head. [D-G] 4) Four models of boats - baked clay bellums with curved prows and sterns. [H] 5) Baked clay goblet with broad stand. Broken. Type.
12711A (none) (none) (none) Group: [A] (1) Copper dagger. Type II E. [B] (2) Copper reticule. [C] (3) Stone bowl. Calcite. Type LI. [drawing 2:5] [D] (4) Carnelian bugle beads - three probably worn round forehead. [E] (5) Stone vase. White calcite. Type LXXXIV. [drawing 3:5] [F] (6) Silver earring. 1 1/2 spiral coils lunate ended. [G] (7) Copper vase. Cylindrical. Type LVII. [drawing 2:5] [H] (8)Copper pin. Type V B with lapis ball head. [I] (9) Copper axe. Type XX. [J] (10) Bowl greyish stone. Broken and rivetted in antiquity. Type XVIII. [K] (11) Beads small lapis and silver double conoids. Carnelian lentoids. [drawing 1:5] [L] (12) Cylinder seal. Lentoid shaped. 2 registers. Gazelles (?). Lapis lazuli.
13586 31-17-223 (none) (none) Copper Dagger. Portion of tang missing. Type I.
13596 31-17-209 (none) (none) Copper dagger. Type V. [drawing]
13788 (none) 1930,1213.1 (none) Dagger. With electrum blade and gold guard, the wooden handle (disappeared) and the guard set with gold studs: a poor and rough piece: the blade, Type II F has no central rib.

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