This category includes double edged tools with a handle. Other names for this category are daggers, and scimitars.  

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
8759 (none) (none) (none) Copper knife. Flat blade. Short tang with 3 rivets. Common type. [drawing] [type] II
8767 (none) (none) (none) Copper knife. Flat blade. Short tang. No rivets. [drawing c. 2:5] II.
8843B (none) 1928,1009.259 (none) Copper knife. Flat blade. Short tang with 3 rivets on either side.
8896A (none) 1928,1009.291 (none) Copper blade. On B is fixed a copper needle. Tool 1 a (new) [drawing 1:1]
8896B (none) (none) B17375 [A-B] Copper blade. On B is fixed a copper needle. Tool 1a (new) [drawing 1:1]
8909 (none) (none) (none) Copper knife. Normal straight-sided type with 2 rivets. Point broken off but found.
9009 (none) (none) (none) Copper knife Flat blade, short tang at the edge of the blade Broken in 3 pieces. Tip missing. [drawing]
9016 (none) 1928,1009.255 (none) Copper dagger Flat blade 3 rivets on each side of tang 1 rivet missing Excellent condition 8 small copper nails originally fastened to the wooden haft found with it.
9036 (none) 1928,1009.250 (none) Copper knife. Flat blade. Short tang with bitumen covering which comes down over the blade. This was originally part of the haft. [drawing]
9073 (none) (none) (none) Copper Knife? or Axe Blade? Flat blade Thin copper Part of edge of blade missing [drawing] Type S12 (New)
9080 (none) (none) (none) Copper dagger Flat blade Short tang with 3 rivets one either side. Small rivet in center broken away [Type II] [drawing 2:5]
9097 (none) (none) (none) Copper dagger Flat blade. Short tang [drawing] [type] II
9101 (none) 1928,1009.308 (none) Copper blade Oval and apparently sharpened all around [drawing]
9115 (none) (none) (none) Copper knife. Straight-sided with very slight central rib, short tang and 2 rivets (tip broken off, but here). The handle was covered with small copper studs (in box labelled U.9115A). [Type II]
9121 (none) (none) B17470 Copper dagger Normal straight-sided blade with hollow socket of copper for the (wooden) handle, which was 0095 long and had 3 small metal studs on the end of the pommel [drawing of pommel] 1:1
9126 (none) 1928,1009.261 (none) Copper knife Normal type with short tang & 3 rivets: the shape V handle could be made out from the position of the copper nails which studded it. See field notes. [type] II
9161 (none) (none) (none) Copper knife Straight-sided with tang and 2 rivets. [Type] II
9170 (none) (none) (none) Copper knife [Type] II [drawing]
9182 (none) (none) (none) Copper blade. Rectangular: the upper edge seems to be the sharper but it has along it traces of bitumen as for fixing to a haft. Possibly a stone-cutter's hammer, or a brick layer's (?) [drawing] 1:1
9189 (none) (none) (none) Copper knife The metal ring for securing the wooden handle to the tang is preserved. [drawing] 1:2
9191A (none) (none) (none) [A]Copper Knife, [B]axe & [C]reticule all corroded together Knife straight-sided thus: [drawing] [Type] II axe, broken, thus: [drawing] [type] X
9193 (none) (none) (none) Copper dagger Straight-sided with short tang and 3 rivets Type 4 (New)
9197 (none) (none) B17510 Copper knife [drawing] Type 6 (New)
9200 (none) 1928,1009.262 (none) Copper knife Short thick blade with tang and 3 rivets
9213 (none) (none) (none) Copper axe Flat blade Turned over tang Broken in 2 pieces and mended [drawing] 2:5 [Type] IV

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