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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
39 (none) (none) (none) Clay figurine. [drawing 1:1]
129 (none) (none) (none) Clay figurine. Rudely moulded. [drawing 1:1]
312 (none) (none) B14999 Terracotta relief. Fragment of; upper part (from pudenda to top) of nude female figure with hands on hreasts; heavy necklaces; hair in horizontal coils; pudenda much emphasized. Poorly molded.
407 (none) (none) B15000 Terracotta figurine. Snowman technique. Upper part of female figure body board-like bird head. [drawing 1:1]
646 (none) (none) B14996 Terracotta figurine. moulded. fr. of. Complete from waist upwards, female figure, nude, hands clasped below breasts. 2 broad necklaces, hair waved heavily over ears but above covered with linen(?) headdress forming broad band over brow and bow-like loops behind. unusually fine +detailed work.
978 (none) (none) B15187 Terracotta relief. Broken. Upper part of figure of Astarti? Holding a goose or swan. The background bears a crescent moon and stars.
1010 (none) (none) B15182 Terracotta relief Moulded Upper part of male figure, bearded, wearing Semitic cloak fringed over l. shoulder, & low bonnet: carries a goat against chest. Whitish clay photo 118 Phil ht 009
1011 (none) (none) B15185 Terracotta relief. Moulded. Whitish clay. Male figure, bearded, with horned cap and vertically pleated skirt, showing left knee, cloak over shoulders: bull's ears. Left hand against body, right carries object like axe. Broken at knees.
1014 (none) (none) B15189 Terracotta relief. Moulded. Seated female figure. Very elaborate headdress. Grotesque features, flounced skirt: hands on breasts: in field, crescent (above head) and dotted circles. Much damaged by salt flaking. Red clay.
1021 (none) (none) B14994 Terracotta relief. Moulded. Fragment from waist upwards of female figure, nude, hands to breasts, face broken away. Whitish clay.
1103 (none) (none) B15678 Clay Figurine. Fragment of. From waist upwards. Moulded: pinkish clay. [drawing 1:1] P
1104 (none) (none) B15690 Clay Figurine. Fragment of head, breasts, and left shoulder. moulded; drab clay. [drawing 1:1]
1239 (none) (none) B15644 Part of a terracotta relief of a standing draped woman. Left hand at waist, right hand hanging straight; hair elaborately dressed on both sides of face. Light buff clay. P.
1304 (none) (none) B15681 Upper part of clay relief with figure similar to preceding, but beardless, and clasping his hands instead of holding weapons. P.
1311 (none) (none) B15635 Clay relief. Similar to the preceding.
1375 (none) (none) B15633 Figurine. Greenish grey clay: moulded. Female(?) figure seated on chair, (legs in profile) wearing horned headdress and flounced skirt. P.
1392 (none) (none) B15643 Drab clay relief. Moulded. 2 figures standing, wearing flounced skirts, one with horned headdress. Crescent of moon and stars above. P.
1529 (none) (none) B15679 Figurine. Drab clay: moulded. Female figure with necklace, partly clothed, with flat headdress. Legs broken. P.
1532 31-16-880 (none) (none) Figurine. Fragment. Waist upwards only. Yellow clay: moulded. Female figure, with necklace, weathered. P. 31-16.880
1537 (none) (none) B15667 Figurine. Drab clay: moulded. Female figure holding circular object like U.1374. P.
1553 (none) (none) B15663 Figurine. Drab clay: moulded. Female figure, nude, with 4-strand necklace; feet broken off. P.
1566 (none) (none) B15651 Figurine. Fragment, waist upwards only. Drab clay: moulded. Female(?) figure with headdress and garment on left shoulder, the right arm raised. P.
1600 (none) (none) B15685 Figurine. Fragment, waist upwards only. Light clay; moulded. Female figure with 4-fold necklace and hair curled. P.
1607 (none) (none) B15661 Figurine. Fragment, waist upwards only. Green clay; moulded. Female figure with low headdress, necklace, bracelets and belt.
1728 (none) (none) B15640 Terracotta relief. 2 figures (intact). Left bearded god with long flounced dress, holds scepter (?) in right hand; full face; left hand across chest; right goddess with tall horned crown, flounced skirt and shawl, over left shoulder, left hand across chest, right hand on shoulder of male figure: full face. The plaque stands upright on a slightly hollow base. P.
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