This category consists of over garments that hang losely from the shoulders, and is not wrapped around the waist.

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
(none) 31-16-829 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-876 (none) (none) [Unknown]
1010 (none) (none) B15182 Terracotta relief Moulded Upper part of male figure, bearded, wearing Semitic cloak fringed over l. shoulder, & low bonnet: carries a goat against chest. Whitish clay photo 118 Phil ht 009
1013 (none) (none) B15188 Terracotta relief. Red clay. Moulded. Replica (from same mould) as U.1012, but broken off a little bit below the waist.
1164 (none) (none) B15657 Clay Figurine. Fragment of. Red clay: moulded. Assyrian style. [drawing 1:1]
1313 (none) (none) B15656 Clay relief.shewoing man in fringed dress of Gudea style, facing front, and bearing a kid or goat in his arms. P. photo 174 Diqdiqqa
15712 31-16-776 (none) (none) Terracotta figurine. Bearded deity, tall and slim, peg-shaped below waist, naturalistic above. Wearing long coat covering one arm and leaving the other exposed. On either side two long snakes. Heads level with head of figure.
15721 31-16-920 (none) (none) Terracotta figurine. Lower half of warrior. Clad in short coat cut so as to reach top of leg in front and claves at the back. Long ill-proportioned feet with toes running to a point-perhaps a shoe? See 1574
15749 31-16-914 (none) (none) Terracotta plaque. 2 figures, full face - in high relief. A bearded male deity and a goddess wearing high horned headdress, earrings? Necklace consisting of 3 strings of beads, and pleated coat which leaves right shoulder exposed. Right arm of goddess rests against left shoulder of god. Fragment: head only of god, goddess missing below waist.
16300 31-43-380 (none) (none) Terracotta relief. Fragment. Legs missing. Draped female figure, the head disproportionately large. [drawing 1:1]
16919 31-43-443 (none) (none) Terracotta relief. Bearded man standing, full face: right hand to breast, left hand by side: he wears cloak and skirted garment. (poor condition, destroyed by salt.) Fragment, feet missing. [drawing 1:1]
1745 (none) (none) B15642 Terracotta relief. Light red clay. Intact. Bearded male figure advancing right. Wears plain brimmed hat, vest and long cloak fringed down front and along bottom edge (which comes to calf) hands to chest, right hand holding throw-stick(?) in background a table with offerings(?) P.
6280 (none) (none) B16257 Terracotta figurine. Fragmentary lower half only. Male figure in relief, profile. Wearing long flowing garment fringed. Tassel hangs down left side. 3rd Dynasty? E. [drawing 1:1]
8556 (none) (none) B17205 Terra cotta relief A god, head full face, body profile left, seated on a ram. Flat rimmed cap, beard elaborately curled: right hand extended open, left holding whip: long open cloak to ankles. Fine example. [drawing 1:1]
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