Tufted Skirts are waist length clothing, extending from the waist to the ankles, with a bunch or cluster of small usually soft and flexible parts held together at regular intervals near its base; includes tufted sheepskin/fleece  garments as well as kuanakes  which are tufted  garments woven in wool.

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
(none) (none) (none) B16330 Unknown
(none) 31-16-771 (none) (none) Unknown
1020 (none) (none) B15181 Terracotta relief. Moulded. Fragment of bearded male head wearing high horned cap from which descend on each side spiral curls containing a cross white the side locks of hair also end in spirals. [drawing of spirals]
1023 (none) (none) B15190 Terracotta figure. Moulded. Fragment lower part only of seated female figure with very full flounced skirt and rosettes in relief on bodice: hands clasped below breasts. Support behind. Greenish white clay.
12059 31-16-775 (none) (none) Terracotta Figurine. Bottom portion missing. Male figure wearing high mitre-like headress, long pointed beard and flaunced kaukanes skirt. Arms bare & bent at elbow, hands held horizontally against waist. In each hadn a staff with the top ending in a ball which rests against shoulder. Possibly a mace? Bracelet on each wrist. Headdress incised with undulating lines radiating obliquely from top of head. Possibly a woollen cap?
12435B 30-12-484 (none) (none) [A] Copper bull's head and shell plaques [B]. From a wooden harp. The head (?) that of a calf rather than a bull is in good condition except that the horns are both damaged: the eyes are of lapis and shell and a triangular piece of lapis is inlaid in the forehead. The collar was of white shell triangles and lapis square. The shell plaques have, above, 3 rows of geometric design, each row on a separate strip of shell: then a figure scene, a single strip of geometrical design, another figure scene and 2 strips of geometrical design at the base. The figure scenes are in the mosaic, the white shell figures silhouetted against a composite background of lapis. In upper, a figure seated left holds in his raised right hand a cup while an attendant stands before him. In lower scene, 2 figures advance right, each with his hands raised and clasped in front of him. All the figures wear the fleeced skirt with a belt which forms a tail-like tassel behind: all are clean shaven as to the face but the standing figure s have a lock of hair hanging down the back of the head.
13031 30-12-44 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Steatite. Greenish. Presentation scene and 1 dwarf-like figure.
1365 31-16-815 (none) (none) Figurine. Fragment, below waist only. Reddish clay: moulded. Female(?) figure in elaborately flounced skirt.
15478 31-17-20 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Black steatite. Standing god, worshipper & rampant lion.
16122 31-43-50 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Lapis lazuli. Banquet scene, 2 seated figures drinking from a common cup out of tubes. Behind one of them a standing figure. Poor cutting.
16677 31-43-24 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Grey marble? Presentation scene: 2 standing figures before a seated god.
16820A 31-43-31 (none) (none) [A-C] 3 steatite cylinder seals. (A) Illegible, save for first sign. (B) Adad ; (C) Awel-ilim (wrt LU.DINGIR.BA), Son of Ur-Dam-bur(?).
16919 31-43-443 (none) (none) Terracotta relief. Bearded man standing, full face: right hand to breast, left hand by side: he wears cloak and skirted garment. (poor condition, destroyed by salt.) Fragment, feet missing. [drawing 1:1]
1732 (none) (none) B15691 Terracotta figurine. Fragment. Lower part only, from waist of seated female(?) figure; no details of dress, etc, except that the skirt was flounced. P.
17326 31-43-49 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Baked clay. Two standing figures. Between them crescent on a pole. A third figure inverted to the other two.
41 (none) (none) (none) Clay relief. fr. of. shewing lower parts of two figures wearing Sumerian skirts. [drawing 1:1]
6687 (none) (none) B16310, B16310 Cylinder seal. Black hematite. Inscribed. Shamash, worshipper and goddess. Servant of Sin and servant of Nin-Shah. E. 1st Babylonian dynasty 2000 BC.
7583 (none) (none) B16903 Cylinder seal. Fragment. Marble, White Scene of worship. Heavily draped god seated on throne without a back holding in outstretched left hand a bird? Above double crescent moon? & between seated god and advancing figure a second bird? Second advancing fig. clean shaven, & heavily draped in long flairing skirt, behind him a goose? and behind the goose a goddess? in a flounced kaunakes skirt, both arms upraised? Behind the throne of the seated god Gilgamesh? with tail.
7894 (none) (none) B16881 Cylinder seal. Steatite. Black. Scene of worship. Votary led by the hands by minor deity towards seated Nannar. Nannar and minor deity wear flounced kaunakes skirt and low head dress. Votary shaven and shorn wearing long skirt fringed in front. Behind votary a rampant lion between 4 vertical lines, which may represent the doors of a shrine? Attributes: crescent moons one against the other as on the burnt bricks of Sin-Iddinam.
8557 (none) (none) B17086 Limestone plaque. Fragment of, with sculptured scene in relief. The plaque is 027 wide and was probably a square: there are holes at the bottom corners and there was a whole in the centre, its edge coming 013 from the base line. Only the lower part of the panel was found and the upper fractures run aslant downwards from the central hole so that the upper corners of the lower scene are missing. There were 3 registers: the top most is wholly missing: of the two side scenes flanking the central hole there remain only, on each side, the feet of a human figure: the lower scene is largely intact and in very good condition. Scene: an empty chariot drawn by 4 lions and escorted by 3 men. One man in front guides the lions: figure preserved from the waist downwards. The lions are preserved all except their heads: the bodies and legs are shown in outline one behind the other: they advance right and the drawing shows a good idea of strain. The chariot is 2-wheeled, only one wheel shown, a solid wood and wheel made of 3 pieces -riveted- clamped together, with rim tyre and decorated axle-head. The yoke is high and curved, and has, rising above it, a ring for the reins, which pass across to the back of the chariot, and are held by a walking attendant. Under the spring of the yoke are tied 2 spears. Over the chariot is spread a spotted object, probably a leopard's skin, most of it inside the car whose sides are left visible -- in front of the car rises a high peak to which -are- is attached what may be a quiver full of arrows. The attendant behind the car holds the reins and carries a spear or goad: he wears a beard and long hair or wig, and a kaunakes skirt: the face is bird-like. The man behind him is similarly dressed: head and shoulders missing: both hands are raised in front to grasp of pole which seems to rest on his shoulder and support an object hanging behind his back, perhaps a jar or water-skin(?) Remarkable piece of archaic relief. Broken and mended. Thickness 0025
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