A process of decorating a surface by pushing another object into the surface, like a stamp or seal.  

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
12091 30-12-41 (none) (none) Cylinder Seal. Shell. White. Presentation scene before seated deity, inscribed? Very poor condition: no photos possible.
12112B (none) (none) (none) 2 Cylinder seals & copper pin. (A) Steatite greenish: 2 registers; above, deer on mountains; below, men fighting animals. Poor cutting. (B) Shell, decayed. Figures & animals. Hopeless no photograph (C) Copper pin plain.
12157 (none) (none) (none) Cylinder Seal. Lapis Lazuli. Poor condition. Bird-headed man between rampant gazelles.
12158 (none) (none) (none) Cylinder Seal. Marble. Mottled (black & brown) with copper caps. Subject: Gilgamesh with looped spear, 2 rampant lions crossed between rampant rams.
1223 (none) (none) (none) Black steatite cylinder seal with device god facing right separated from worshipper and an introducing god by figures of a sitting dog (left) and scorpion (right). Over the god's raised left hand is the crescent. Inscribed: d.Sanas S.a-a
1224 (none) (none) (none) Shell cylinder seal, broken and in bad condition. The device appears to show two confronting winged animals.
1225 (none) (none) (none) Cylinder seal in black stone. Device appears in 2 registers, but so weathered as to be indistinguishable.
12256M (none) (none) (none) Group: [A] (1) Wreath of 16 gold beech leaves on lapis & carnelian strings. [B] (2) Frontlet of gold, lentoid shaped, rosette decoration on long gold wire ties, looped one end, the other end consists of a carnelian ring bead the wire being coiled to prevent it from falling off. Frontlet is bent double. [C] (3) Gold coil earring. 2 1/2 coils. [D] (4) Gold coil earring. 1 1/2 coils. [E-F] (5) 2 gold chains. Double twisted links giving a square section. Strung with 1 gold facetted lentoid & 2 lapis ditto.with carnelian ring beads in between. [G] (6) Whetstone. [H] (7) Silver pin with lapis ball head & gold cap, straight, circular in section. [I] (8) Beads. Large carnelian bugles and small lapis double conoids & 1 jasper bugle; flattened carnelian double conoids & flattened rectangular lapis beads one with a rib down middle. [J] (9) Copper Axe. Type XIX. [K](10) Bowl. White calcite. [Type IX] [drawing] [L](11) Stone bowl. White calcite. [M] (12) Ostrich shell badly broken. Traces of red paint. [N] (13) Cylinder seal. Lapis lazuli 2 registers: above, banquet scene; below, men fighting crossed animals- -lions.
12258F (none) (none) (none) Group: [A] (1) Stone vase; white calcite. [B] (2) Stone bowl. White calcite. [C] (3) Stone Bowl. white calcite. badly broken. [D] (4) Silver pin with lapis & gold head. [E] (5) Silver pin with lapis ball head. Straight type. [F] (6) Cylinder seal; lapis lazuli. 2 registers: banqueting scene. [G] (7) Bracelet, gold & lapis beads; flat gold 4 fold spacers with small lapis beads between. [H] (8) Bracelet. Gold & lapis beads. Flat square type with central rib; gold & lapis alternatively. [I] (9) Necklace of gold & lapis. [J] (10) Necklace of gold. [K] (11) Necklace of silver filigree pendants hung on a 2 row chain of blue lentoid bugles & carnelian rings & agate bugles & fluted gold balls. [L] (12) Necklace of gold filigree pendants on a 2 row chain of blue lentoid bugles and cernelian rings and against bugles and fluted gold balls. [M] (13) Necklace of blue & gold ball beads, gold wire-wound beads & very small glazed rings. All small. [N] (14) Wreath of gold beech leaves on lapis & carnelian beads. [O] (15)Gold ribbon. [P] (16) Gold earrings, large lunate type. [Q] (17) Gold wire spiral coil hair-rings. 2 1/2 coils. [R] (18) Lapis bead: Large romboid. [S-W] (19) Five gold finger rings. Made of fine strands of twisted gold wire. [X] (20) Silver comb. Forked type with rosettes.
1226 (none) (none) (none) Small button stamp-seal of lapis lazuli with uncertain device. [drawing]
12296 (none) 1929,1017.356 (none) Cylinder Seal. Shell. 2 registers. Stags rampant & other animals.
12329 (none) 1929,1017.370 (none) Cylinder Seal. Dark. Steatite. Deity within a shrine (represented by a gateway) & two male figures approach with offerings: the one carries an object thus- the other a goat: between the devotees and the deity a palm sprouting from a stand.
12330 (none) (none) (none) Cylinder Seal. Shell. Inscribed. 2 registers: Banquet scene. Inscrip:den-sa(g) (?)-gan
12331 (none) (none) (none) Cylinder Seal. Steatite. Black. Presentation scene before seated god. Attributes: crescent moon, palm & poor cutting.
12350A (none) (none) (none) Cylinder Seal & Copper Pin. (A) Cylinder seal. Spread eagle. (B) Copper Pin. Circular in section.
12371E (none) 1929,1017.373 (none) Group: [A.1-.3] 3 silver wire spiral coil earrings. [B] Necklace of gold and lapis large fluted ball beads. [C] Copper pin with ball head VI B. [D] Slender copper needle. [E] Cylinder seal, white calcite.
12374F 30-12-2 (none) (none) Group: [A.1-.2] Large gold lunate earring. [B.1-.2] Two heavy gold wire spiral coil hair rings. [C] Necklace of gold and lapis triangles. [D] Necklace of gold and lapis double round beads. [E] Gold pin with fluted lapis head V B. [F] Lapis cylinder seal two registers. [G-I] A set of 3 gold rings, each of cable pattern with plain rim. [J-L] Are human finger bones found inside the rings. Added by project]
12387D (none) (none) (none) Group: [A.1-.2] Large gold lunate earrings. [B] Necklace in lapis and silver double conoid beads. [C] Lapis pin with ball head VI B. [D] Cylinder seal, lapis.
12390C 31-17-119 (none) (none) Group: [A] Silver wire spiral coil hair ring (one). [B] Necklace of lapis and silver double conoid beads. [C] White shell cylinder seal much decayed: subject, 1 human figure and 4 fighting animals, heraldically crossed. [D] Copper pin with painted head [Type] IV B.
12413I (none) (none) (none) Group: [A] Gold hair ribbon. [B.1-.2] Large gold lunate earrings. [C] Wreath of gold leaves on lapis and carnelian beads. [D] Silver comb with inlaid flowers. [E] Necklace of gold and lapis triangles. [F] Necklace of gold and lapis ball beads. [G] Necklace of gold and lapis ribbed ball beads. [H] Necklace of quartz, carnelian and gold beads. [I] Lapis cylinder seal. [J] Silver pin with lapis head [Type] VI B. [K] Bracelet of gold and lapis tubular beads and carnelian rings (for order see field notes). [L] A second similar bracelet. [M] Cockle shells with green paint.
12448 (none) (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Lapis. Lentoid shape. Subject: 2 men and 2 animals.
12461 (none) 1929,1017.350 (none) Cylinder seal. White shell. Much decayed. 2 registers: below; chariot, foot soldiers and prisoner. Above; men and animals fighting and inscription partly destroyed. Inscription: A- dugud(or gig)-(bu??)-dim (Nom. Properties, perhaps = son of the Dugud (bird) of the good Immer. cf. U.8513) HC.25.
12470 (none) 1929,1017.18 (none) Cylinder seal. Lapis, with gold caps. 2 men and 2 lions fighting and an inscription intentionally defaced.
12471 30-12-38 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Lapis with gold caps. Presentation scene with seated god and 2 standing figures.
12501 (none) 1935,0113.632 (none) Clay seal impression. 1)Naked warrior and god? Incription: ^dutu. 2) Lower half of another (?) figure. HC1809


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