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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
13607A 31-16-677 (none) (none) Jar-sealing. [A-B] Two large fragments. Original diam. part. c. 013 Inscription: (me)s (?)-an-ni-p(ad)-da Lugal Kiski dam nu-gig. Left of inscriptions: naked man holding lion by tail, lion facing another man. Right of inscriptions: Lion attacks caprid; fine gilgamis figure holding caprid; himself attacked by lion. Below inscription: square design of four little naked men (note hair or headdress) each attacking one in front? with dagger (of different sorts.) Hc. 1929/30-4.
13653 31-16-629 (none) (none) Jar-sealing. Archaic human figures and unidentified details.
13681 31-16-621 (none) (none) Seal impression. men, animals (?) and caduceus(?) PR 1404
13687 31-16-610 (none) (none) Seal impression. Scorpion? Man with radiate hair, lion.
13846 31-16-631 (none) (none) Seal Impressions. 2 pieces. Geometrical design as 13817
13872 31-16-622 (none) (none) Seal impression. Scorpion, etc.
13880B 31-16-615 (none) (none) Seal Impression. Geometrical Design. Two pieces joined. one found several days later. This is better a tablet than a jar-sealing. Also another "Tablet" with same impression.
13933 31-16-645 (none) (none) Seal impressions. Geometrical, perhaps belonging together.
13938 (none) (none) (none) Seal impression. Finely cut figures: scorpion, ass, monkey? bull-head, etc. This seal is more clearly represented on 13963.
13954 31-16-679 (none) (none) Seal impression. Arabesque.
13972 31-16-674 (none) (none) Seal impressions. Geometrical designs (and altars ??).
13979 31-16-641 (none) (none) Seal impression. Hunting(?) man, stars, eagle, tree.
13980 31-16-607 (none) (none) Seal impression. Gazelle, vegetation, man and jar.
13982 31-16-658 (none) (none) Seal impression. Scorpion?
14000 31-16-616 (none) (none) Seal impression. Cult scene. Naked man with pot before seated figure, behind him pots and another object.
14101 31-16-655 (none) (none) Seal impressions. Three more impressions from the same cylinder as 13970 adding a new city ideogram and some other signs and ornaments.. HC.218
14103 37-7-103 (none) (none) Seal impressions. Three more impressions from the same cylinder as 13970 adding a new city ideogram and some other signs and ornaments.. HC.218 UET II: 332).
14123B 31-16-670 (none) (none) Seal impressions. Elaborate geometrical design. Also another [B] more fragmentary example.
14136 31-16-632 (none) (none) Seal imressions. Gazelles. (2 sealings from same).
14140 31-16-619 (none) (none) Seal impressions. 2 fragments (vegetational) U.14140 has circular stamping also(?)
14163 31-16-672 (none) (none) Seal impression. Deer, star, branch (tree), and man.
14194 31-16-661 (none) (none) Seal impression. Large impression of antlers? etc.
14196 31-16-665 (none) (none) Seal impression. Naked man with staff(?) over shoulder, animals.
14512 31-16-609 (none) (none) Seal impression. Wild ass (or horse) gazelle & man, etc.
14514 31-16-681 (none) (none) Seal impression. Animal & human figure.
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