Description (Catalog Card): Copper Holdfasts (4) [A-D] Possibly fasteners for adjusting a belt. Found in connection with the copper holdfasts 9846, the latter being on the waist, these being on the shoulder. Possibly they belong to a leather baldrick. Horseshoe shaped head, rounded in section, legs rectangular in section. The legs may originally have been pliable so as to allow of the insertion of cord or such like material within the ring. [drawing 1:1]1     
Find Context (Catalog Card): PG 719     
Material (Catalog Card): Copper Alloy2     
Measurement (Catalog Card): Ht 0035 d of ring 001     
[1] Woolley's description
[2] Material as described by Woolley


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Woolley's Catalog Cards Woolley's Catalog Cards Card -- BM ID:194 Box:43 Page:118 Card -- BM ID:194 Box:43 Page:118 (none)
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