Description (Archival): CBS Register: no field number. pottery. vase, small neck, large body. With sketch.1     
Museum: University of Pennsylvania Museum      
Object Type: Vessels/Containers >> Closed Forms >> Jars      
Description (Modern): Restricted Ellipsoid Jar with constricted neck and rolled rim. Part of neck and rim missing. Brown clay. White self-slip. Redder patches from firing.      
Material: Inorganic Remains >> Clay >> Fired >> Pottery/Ceramic      
Museum Number (UPM B-number): B15791     
Measurement (Diameter): 1191     
Measurement (X): 841     
[1] Data collected during Penn Museum conservation review of ceramics.

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Location Context Title Context Description Description (Modern)
Unknown Woolley did not list a location. (none)
  • 1 Location


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