Pseudomorph: Wood     
MASCA Metallurgy Testing: Unknown Sample Number.      
Description (Archival): CBS Register: no field number. copper bowl. axe. with sketch. length 142 mm     
Material (Catalog Card): Copper Alloy1     
Museum: University of Pennsylvania Museum      
Object Type: Tools and Equipment >> Axes, Choppers, Scrapers >> Axes      
Season Number: 05: 1926-1927      
Description (Modern): Copper Axe, Type A9. Flattened, Ridge along back of socket. Blade is thicker towards tip. Four holes for modern day testing.      
Material: Inorganic Remains >> Metal >> Copper Alloy      
Museum Number (UPM B-number): B17409     
Measurement (Diameter): 152     
Measurement (X): 132     
Measurement (X): 672     
Measurement (Y): 34     
Measurement (Z): 8     
Measurement (Z): 92     
[1] Material as described by Woolley
[2] Socket

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Location Context Title Context Description Description (Modern)
Unknown Woolley did not list a location. (none)
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