Description (Catalog Card): [A] Bull's head. Gold, with lapis hair between the horns and a lapis beard set in silver; the gold horns are tipped with lapis. [B]The body was of wood (see Field Notes) and down the front are [C] shell plaques with engraved mythological scenes     
Find Context (Catalog Card): PG 789     
Material (Catalog Card): Silver     
U Number: 10556B     
Museum: University of Pennsylvania Museum      
Object Type: Games and Music >> Harps and Lyres      
Season Number: 06: 1927-1928      
Popular Name: Bull headed Lyre     
Description (Modern): Sheeting for back of Bull's Beard for Lyre B17694 CBS Register: no field number. silver plating fragts fromb ack of the lapis beard on the bull's gold head (king's harp) Database records: U.10556     
Material: Inorganic Remains >> Metal >> Silver      
Museum Number (UPM B-number): B17694A     

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Location Context Title Context Description Description (Modern)
PG/789 Woolley called this the 'King's Grave' because of its elaborate death pit that included many weapons. The main chamber, however, had been looted, leaving only a few scattered remains. The death pit contained the remains of more than 60 people, six of whom wore helmets and stood at the dromos/entrance as if to guard it. (none)
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Media Media Title Title Label Author Omeka Label
Ur Excavations II; The Royal Cemetery Ur Excavations II; The Royal Cemetery 1934 Woolley, Leonard (none)
Woolley's Catalog Cards Woolley's Catalog Cards Card -- BM ID:194 Box:46 Page:23 Card -- BM ID:194 Box:46 Page:23 (none)
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