Find Context (Catalog Card): A.H. School-house 1 Broad Street (UE VII 245)     
U Number: 16829B1     
Museum: British Museum      
Season Number: 09: 1930-1931      
Object Type: Writing and Record Keeping >> Tablet      
Culture/Period: Old Babylonian      
Description (Modern): Object is Sealed.     
Material: Inorganic Remains >> Clay >> Unfired      
Tablet ID Number: P346196     
[1] U number duplicated because of number of objects listed on card.

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Location Context Title Context Description Description (Modern)
No. 1 Broad Street The house occupied the corner site between Store Street and Broad Street and fronted on the latter, its main entrance giving on to the open space of Carfax. It had arrived at its present form as the result of a good deal of re-modelling, but in its original lay-out was of quite normal type except for the fact that, owing to considerations of space, there were no chambers on the north side of its courtyard. The house was well-built and it would seem that after its destruction fragments of its walls were still left standing above the debris and were incorporated in a later building, for remains of walls whose foundations were 1.40 m. above the floor ran parallel to the old walls and seemed to join up with their upper parts. (none)
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Excavation Context: Ur >> AH Site | AH >> Broad Street >> No. 1 Broad Street

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