Description (Catalog Card): Alabaster statue. Fragment. On one side a cylindrical fragment in relief upon it incised vertical lines with oval shaped grooves at equidistant intervals on the lines. Bottom of cylindrical fragment consists of two raised bands which look like the flounced tiers of a kaukanes skirt. Next to it against the long side another cylindrical bu undulating fragment decorated with wavy lines and one spiral which abuts on the side of the first cylindrical fragment, surface of which is 15mm than surface of fragment adjoining. text: E-Hursag(11). B.1     
Find Context (Catalog Card): From Hall's building     
Material (Catalog Card): Alabaster2     
[1] Woolley's description
[2] Material as described by Woolley


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Location Context Title Context Description Description (Modern)
Ehursag | HT The excavation area abbreviation HT stands for Hall's Temple because H.R. Hall had excavated parts of it in 1919. Hall called it Area (or Building) B and he found inscribed bricks in the paved floors of the building which indicated it was the ehursag, the house of the mountain, which was purported to be Shulgi's palace. Woolley, in his first season, found inscribed bricks in the walls that mentioned Ur-Namma's temple of the moon god, and he concluded the building was actually a temple, dubbing the excavation area HT. He believed the actual ehursag palace to be located somewhere else within the temenos. Many of his subsequent excavation abbreviations attest to his search for the building, but he eventually agreed that HT was the ehursag itself. In his fourth season, Woolley cleared the remaining extents of the building. He had already explored parts of the terrace wall on which it stood and came to find that this was part of the Ur III temenos wall. Along this wall near the ehursag Woolley found a deep well, at the bottom of which (13 meters down) were many inscribed clay cones. (none)
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Media Media Title Title Label Author Omeka Label
Ur Excavations VI; The Ur III Period Ur Excavations VI; The Ur III Period 1974 Woolley, Leonard (none)
Woolley's Catalog Cards Woolley's Catalog Cards Card -- BM ID:194 Box:34 Page:85 Card -- BM ID:194 Box:34 Page:85 (none)
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