Description (Catalog Card): Shell Inlay Small figure in silhouette, broken, and the head missing Male(?) figure wearing kaukanes of early type with 3 rows of fringes, advancing left. In the left hand a short staff [drawing] 1:1 Good early work.1     
Find Context (Catalog Card): PG 580, well below dagger level and 1.00 below the 2nd. lot of beads.     
Material (Catalog Card): Shell2     
[1] Woolley's description
[2] Material as described by Woolley


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Location Context Title Context Description Description (Modern)
PG/580 This grave was cut by Trial Trench E at the end of one season and excavation was not completed until the following season. It was a time when Woolley was only just recognizing the royal graves as a separate type in the cemetery. The wealth of objects uncovered here led him to suspect it was 'royal' but there were many problems with the condition of the grave and the circumstances of excavation that have led to confusion. After this discovery, Woolley decided to abandon the trial trench method and open the entire cemetery area. He also began to map individual graves. (none)
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Media Media Title Title Label Author Omeka Label
Ur Excavations II; The Royal Cemetery Ur Excavations II; The Royal Cemetery 1934 Woolley, Leonard (none)
Woolley's Catalog Cards Woolley's Catalog Cards Card -- BM ID:194 Box:43 Page:175 Card -- BM ID:194 Box:43 Page:175 (none)
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