Dress and Personal Ornaments includes decorative elements ranging from elaborate headdresses to clothing clasps and pendants.  

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
(none) 30-12-574 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 32-40-304 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) (none) (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 98-9-117 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 98-9-129 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 98-9-130 (none) (none) (none)
(none) 98-9-72 (none) (none) (none)
(none) (none) (none) B17690 (none)
(none) (none) (none) B15245 (none)
(none) (none) (none) B15265 (none)
(none) 30-12-418 (none) B18137 (none)
(none) 30-12-376 (none) B18095 (none)
(none) 30-12-381 (none) B18100 (none)
(none) 30-12-384 (none) B18103 (none)
(none) 30-12-385 (none) B18104 (none)
(none) 30-12-388 (none) B18107 (none)
(none) 30-12-392 (none) B18111 (none)
(none) 30-12-396 (none) B18115 (none)
(none) (none) (none) B17587 (none)
(none) 30-12-410 (none) B18129 (none)
(none) 30-12-419 (none) B18138 (none)
(none) 30-12-420 (none) B18139 (none)
(none) 30-12-421 (none) B18140 (none)
(none) 31-17-247A (none) (none) (none)
(none) 31-17-247C (none) (none) (none)