Architectural Elements is a large category that encompases building material such as bricks, elements of buildings such as door/gate sockets and drain pipes, and decorations including wall cones of various sizes and styles.  This larger category also includes models of columns, houses, shrines, and tombs.  They are constructed from all materials and date to all periods.  

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
(none) 32-40-51 (none) (none) unknown
(none) 87-28-27 (none) (none) unknown
(none) 31-16-760A (none) (none) unknown
(none) 31-16-163 (none) (none) unknown
(none) (none) 1924,0920.156 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1924,0920.157 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1924,0920.158 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1924,0920.159 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1924,0920.160 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1932,1008.271 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1932,1008.272 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1932,1008.273 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1932,1008.274 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1932,1008.275 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1932,1008.276 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1932,1008.277 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1932,1008.278 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1931,1010.360 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1931,1010.363 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1928,1010.406 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1928,1010.817 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1930,1213.352 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1930,1213.353 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1930,1213.354 (none) (none)
(none) (none) 1930,1213.357 (none) (none)