Animals that are domesticated, usually smaller than their wild counterparts.  

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
8348B (none) (none) B17229 [A-C] Three figurines of animals. Roughly modeled in clay. Best example [A]: [reference to 1:1 drawing]
8513 (none) (none) B16869 Cylinder seal White shell, much decayed, but preserving an inscription in the upper register [drawing of inscription]
8556 (none) (none) B17205 Terra cotta relief A god, head full face, body profile left, seated on a ram. Flat rimmed cap, beard elaborately curled: right hand extended open, left holding whip: long open cloak to ankles. Fine example. [drawing 1:1]
8981 (none) (none) B16852 Cylinder Seal. Lapis. 2 registers: below: 1 man, fighting animals. Above, human figure with rampant animals on each side and inscription of NIN-TUR-NIN.
8993 (none) (none) B16875 Cylinder seal Dark greenish steatite. Very large with fine engraved scene: 3 human figures and 2 man-headed bulls crossed.
9064 (none) (none) B16898 Cylinder seal Lapis lazuli Silver core Gilgamesh and Enkidu fighting rampant lion and rampant bull respectively.
9166 (none) (none) B16853 Cylinder seal Pinkish stone Rampant beasts Poor work and rubbed Chipped at base
9183 (none) (none) B16854 Cylinder seal Lapis, with gold caps (the latter rather broken). Subject: Gilgamesh and Eabani.
9652 (none) (none) B16857 Cylinder seal Dark steatite A hero fighting a bull (or wild oryx)? and a lion and a bull fighting.
9776A (none) (none) B16742 [A-L] Shell Plaques. Found in confusion and scattered in the soil (the filling of the shaft) 12 plaques with animals, of which 2 are broken. 4 1/2 others completely decayed. 7 white squares each with 5 blue dots. 3 black squares each with 5 white dots. 2 squares with rosettes. 9 pieces (strips) with eye pattern most of these have suffered by the decay of the shell. Also a quantity of narrow edging slips in mother-of-pearl, red stone and lapis.
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