This category contains depictions of a  human who has their hands at or near their waist, possibly holding an object.  This is also a depiction of prayer.  

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
(none) (none) (none) B16330 Unknown
(none) 30-12-547 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-771 (none) (none) Unknown
(none) 31-16-783 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-784 (none) (none) Unknown
(none) 31-16-795 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-796 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-797 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-798 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-799 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-831 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-834 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-840 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-841 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-842 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-845 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-848 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-858 (none) (none) [Unknown]
(none) 31-16-859 (none) (none) [Unknown]
100 (none) (none) (none) Clay figurine, fr. of [drawing 1:1]
1014 (none) (none) B15189 Terracotta relief. Moulded. Seated female figure. Very elaborate headdress. Grotesque features, flounced skirt: hands on breasts: in field, crescent (above head) and dotted circles. Much damaged by salt flaking. Red clay.
1021 (none) (none) B14994 Terracotta relief. Moulded. Fragment from waist upwards of female figure, nude, hands to breasts, face broken away. Whitish clay.
1042 (none) (none) B14998 Terracotta figurine. fr. of. in light drab clay. Part (Head and shoulders and feet gone) of the usual nude female type with beaded triangle.
1103 (none) (none) B15678 Clay Figurine. Fragment of. From waist upwards. Moulded: pinkish clay. [drawing 1:1] P
1108 31-16-912 (none) (none) Clay figurine. fragment of. neck downwards. moulded: greenish clay [drawing]
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