This category contains depictions of a human or god holding a weapon, usually a knife, club, spear, or arrow/bow.  Usually male.  

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
(none) (none) (none) B15273 Unknown
(none) 31-16-917 (none) (none) Unknown
(none) 31-16-627 (none) (none) (none)
1011 (none) (none) B15185 Terracotta relief. Moulded. Whitish clay. Male figure, bearded, with horned cap and vertically pleated skirt, showing left knee, cloak over shoulders: bull's ears. Left hand against body, right carries object like axe. Broken at knees.
11112 (none) (none) B16880 Cylinder Seal. Lapis lazuli. Bird headed men fighting bearded bulls and gazelles. One hero wears a four pronged comb at back of head.
11492 30-12-25 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Green stone. Scene: 3 men & 2 lions fighting: one of the men has 4 bulls legs.
11598A 30-12-35 (none) (none) Group. [A](1) Cylinder Seal, lapis, man, lion & gazelle]. [B](2) Copper Axe Type XVII. [C](3) A few beads of lapis and copper.
11961 30-12-28 (none) (none) Cylinder Seal. Green stone. 2 Heroes fighting a lion & a bull.
12004A 30-12-36 (none) (none) [A] Cylinder Seal Black Steatite with this a [B] copper pin, plain tang head. Type II.
12023 30-12-26 (none) (none) Cylinder Seal. Steatite. Men fighting.
12748 31-16-774 (none) (none) Terracotta relief. Fragment = moulded. Male figure, beardless, advancing right : the left hand is across the body and holds a curved weapon like a scimitar : on the head a small cap with broken : long cloak passing over right shoulder. Broken away at the hips. [drawing 1:1]
16021 31-43-25, 31-43-25 (none) (none) Steatite Cylinder seal. Nana son of Gudea,the jeweller. HC.30/I.7. UET 8/2 (hand copied by Legrain) [CARD MISSING Typed Transcription from British Museum Card]
16433A 31-43-449 (none) (none) Terracotta relief. Fragment. Plaque, painted red, of a bull-legged demon. He stands left with body in profile and head full face holding a staff with trident head.
16478A 31-43-453 (none) (none) Terracotta relief. Bearded and horned god carrying mace and axe: Type VII, 3. (A) From waist upwards only. (B) From crossed hands upwards: (C) Head missing above mouth, body complete.
16990 31-43-450 (none) (none) Terracotta relief. Nude male figure with horned headdress and belt, bearded, full face; with hands raised to breast holding a fly-whisk(?) and a bird. Complete except for feet; and a very good impression. [drawing]
17014 31-43-65 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Steatite. Black. Miniature. Gilgamesh and Eabani fighting rampant lion.
1733 (none) (none) B15589 Cylinder seal. grey steatite. Very scratchily engraved on one side only with design of 2 men fighting a lion. P. [drawing]
17334 31-43-41 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Steatite. Black. Fragment. Enkidu and Eabani fighting rampant lion.
1762 (none) (none) B15650 Terracotta relief. Red clay. Moulded. Bearded figure, full face. On head, high horned cap (chipped), long curls on shoulder, bull's ears: dress presumably sheepskin queerly treated with lobes in relief: right hand holds mace to shoulder left hand apparently an axe of this type. Broken at waist.
1784 (none) (none) B15637 Figurine. Drab clay. Male, bearded and mitred bearing maces. Head and torso only. [drawing 1:1]
18922 35-1-16 (none) (none) Cylinder seal. Black steatite. A god driving a chariot drawn by a winged gryphon(?); between the wings rises a goddess armed with a bow, in front of it is another god. One column of inscription. Inscription: Ur-gis-me-e (C.J.G.)
591 (none) (none) (none) Fragment of clay with two seal impressions. The upper shows a kneeling figure striking a standing opponent, behind another kneeling figure with a bow and a standing figure in the background. The impression below has the head and headdress of one figure and the headdress of another, ordinary Sumerian type.
6233 (none) (none) B16258 Triumphant warrior wearing loin cloth and wielding curved club in right hand treads on defeated enemy with left foot and holds shield and spears in his left hand. Head bearded. E. [drawing 1:1]
6255 (none) (none) B16306 Cylinder seal. Black hematite. Shamash with horned mitre and notched sword in hand steps on a crouching bull a worshipper brings a kid as an offering. The god Martu with a short club in hand, short garment and a round woolen turban is followed by a worshipper with clasped hands, and a servant. Two small figures - a bifrons with clasped hands and a nude servant with libation cone in hand. About BC 1900. E.
6406 (none) (none) B16304 Cylinder seal. Black steatite. Rampant lion attacked by two naked men. Crescent, goose, scorpion. About BC 2400.
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