Molding is a process of creating an object by pressing or pouring a material into a mold. A mold is a hollow form or matrix for giving a particular shape to something in a molten or plastic state.  


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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
37 (none) (none) (none) Axe, bronze. Broken. [drawing 1:2]
59 (none) (none) (none) Bronze axe. [drawing 1:2]
65 (none) (none) (none) Clay figurine. Lower part missing. Moulded. [drawing 1:1]
66 (none) (none) B15183 Clay plaque. Fr. of, With figure of god moulded in relief. [drawing 1:1] [Annotated] Phil
72 (none) (none) B15192 Clay mask. The eyes are pierced right through and filled with paste, originally blue: there is a hole at the top for suspension. [drawing 1:1] [Annotated] Phil
107 (none) 1923,1110.98 (none) Clay relief. Moulded: seated man and woman, embracing: full flounced Sumerian skirts. [drawing 1:1]
128 (none) 1923,1110.111 (none) Clay relief. Upper part only: rudely moulded. [drawing 1:1]
133 (none) 1923,1110.96 (none) Clay stool. 1 - leg missing. [drawing]
151 (none) 1923,1110.105 (none) Clay figurine. Moulded in relief. Ordinary Ishtar type: head missing. [drawing 1:1]
191 (none) 1923,1110.106 (none) Moulded clay relief. Seated goddess. [drawing 1:]
216 (none) 1923,1110.102 (none) Terracotta relief. [drawing 1:1]
312 (none) (none) B14999 Terracotta relief. Fragment of; upper part (from pudenda to top) of nude female figure with hands on hreasts; heavy necklaces; hair in horizontal coils; pudenda much emphasized. Poorly molded.
518 (none) (none) B15184 Terracotta relief - Complete: greenish pottery. 2 male fig. advancing front. Each has tall feather(?) head-dress, long hair curled over ears, Semitic nose, long beard arranged in 3 rows of short curls and +long straight hair to a point: the right arm by the side, l. across body with in hand the litnus: drapery to knees, crossing legs diagonally. Behind, two legs to make the relief stand upright.
542 (none) (none) (none) Clay saucer. Drab clay: wheelmade. Type XXXVIII.
603 (none) 1923,1110.113 (none) Terracotta relief. Fragment of head of bearded god wearing horned crown: behind, rough, with a hole for affixing it to a background. [drawing 1:1]
645 (none) (none) B15191 Terracotta figurine (fr. of) moulded. Seated on a chair, a female figure wearing a dress from neck to ankles + with full sleeves. The bodice treated in narrow pleats, the skirt in 5 flounces of close pleating, border of smocking (?) round neck. Hands clasped in front of body, head missing. The chair +drapery make a solid front: behind project two stumps to make the relief stand up. [drawing]
646 (none) (none) B14996 Terracotta figurine. moulded. fr. of. Complete from waist upwards, female figure, nude, hands clasped below breasts. 2 broad necklaces, hair waved heavily over ears but above covered with linen(?) headdress forming broad band over brow and bow-like loops behind. unusually fine +detailed work.
656 (none) (none) B15196 Terracotta relief of a lion probably only the core, moulded and intended to be covered over with a slip in which the finer detail was rendered. [drawing]
678 (none) 1923,1110.93 (none) Incense bowl(?) Fragment. Clay. Shallow bowl: below, in relief, the fingers of a human hand, moulded and finished off with a tool. Compare the N.Syrian steatite examples.
687 (none) (none) B14997 Terracotta relief. In greenish clay. A kneeling woman (headless) suckling a child.[drawing 1:1]
688 (none) 1923,1110.109 (none) Terracotta relief. Upper part only, moulded. Grotesque female figure with elaborate headdress. Hands clasped below breasts. [drawing 1:1]
772 (none) 1923,1110.121 (none) Clay model of animal intestines? Roughly made out of crumbly and lightly baked creamish clay. [drawing]
773 (none) 1923,1110.120 (none) Clay model of animal intestines? of powdery poorly baked clay; afterwards accidentally burnt and damaged. Like U but in worse condition.
777 (none) 1923,1110.112 (none) Terracotta mask fr. of. in pinkish-drab clay. [drawing 1:1]
809 (none) 1923,1110.107 (none) Terracotta relief. Moulded Woman suckling a child. In whitish drab clay. Poor work, proportions bad: surface weathered. [drawing 1:1]


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