Molding is a process of creating an object by pressing or pouring a material into a mold. A mold is a hollow form or matrix for giving a particular shape to something in a molten or plastic state.  


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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
37 (none) (none) (none) Axe, bronze. Broken. [drawing 1:2]
59 (none) (none) (none) Bronze axe. [drawing 1:2]
65 (none) (none) (none) Clay figurine. Lower part missing. Moulded. [drawing 1:1]
66 (none) (none) B15183 Clay plaque. Fr. of, With figure of god moulded in relief. [drawing 1:1] [Annotated] Phil
72 (none) (none) B15192 Clay mask. The eyes are pierced right through and filled with paste, originally blue: there is a hole at the top for suspension. [drawing 1:1] [Annotated] Phil
312 (none) (none) B14999 Terracotta relief. Fragment of; upper part (from pudenda to top) of nude female figure with hands on hreasts; heavy necklaces; hair in horizontal coils; pudenda much emphasized. Poorly molded.
518 (none) (none) B15184 Terracotta relief - Complete: greenish pottery. 2 male fig. advancing front. Each has tall feather(?) head-dress, long hair curled over ears, Semitic nose, long beard arranged in 3 rows of short curls and +long straight hair to a point: the right arm by the side, l. across body with in hand the litnus: drapery to knees, crossing legs diagonally. Behind, two legs to make the relief stand upright.
542 (none) (none) (none) Clay saucer. Drab clay: wheelmade. Type XXXVIII.
645 (none) (none) B15191 Terracotta figurine (fr. of) moulded. Seated on a chair, a female figure wearing a dress from neck to ankles + with full sleeves. The bodice treated in narrow pleats, the skirt in 5 flounces of close pleating, border of smocking (?) round neck. Hands clasped in front of body, head missing. The chair +drapery make a solid front: behind project two stumps to make the relief stand up. [drawing]
646 (none) (none) B14996 Terracotta figurine. moulded. fr. of. Complete from waist upwards, female figure, nude, hands clasped below breasts. 2 broad necklaces, hair waved heavily over ears but above covered with linen(?) headdress forming broad band over brow and bow-like loops behind. unusually fine +detailed work.
656 (none) (none) B15196 Terracotta relief of a lion probably only the core, moulded and intended to be covered over with a slip in which the finer detail was rendered. [drawing]
687 (none) (none) B14997 Terracotta relief. In greenish clay. A kneeling woman (headless) suckling a child.[drawing 1:1]
842 (none) (none) B15197 Clay vase of drab clay. In form of a grotesque pig with lifted snout. New Babylonian period.
845 31-16-908 (none) (none) Clay relief. Fragment, lower part only on a chair, a woman, preserved from the waist downwards, in elaborately flounced skirt. One peg survives behind for propping up the figure. [drawing 1:1]
978 (none) (none) B15187 Terracotta relief. Broken. Upper part of figure of Astarti? Holding a goose or swan. The background bears a crescent moon and stars.
1010 (none) (none) B15182 Terracotta relief Moulded Upper part of male figure, bearded, wearing Semitic cloak fringed over l. shoulder, & low bonnet: carries a goat against chest. Whitish clay photo 118 Phil ht 009
1011 (none) (none) B15185 Terracotta relief. Moulded. Whitish clay. Male figure, bearded, with horned cap and vertically pleated skirt, showing left knee, cloak over shoulders: bull's ears. Left hand against body, right carries object like axe. Broken at knees.
1013 (none) (none) B15188 Terracotta relief. Red clay. Moulded. Replica (from same mould) as U.1012, but broken off a little bit below the waist.
1014 (none) (none) B15189 Terracotta relief. Moulded. Seated female figure. Very elaborate headdress. Grotesque features, flounced skirt: hands on breasts: in field, crescent (above head) and dotted circles. Much damaged by salt flaking. Red clay.
1018 (none) (none) B15186 Terracotta relief. Moulded. The Moon-god and his consort(?) seated side by side with arms around eachother. Male figure bearded and wearing bonnet. Female with hair over forehead and in heavy silk curls; both with flounced skirts, Complete except for chips off left bottom corner, out in bad condition. Light clay flaking to pink.
1020 (none) (none) B15181 Terracotta relief. Moulded. Fragment of bearded male head wearing high horned cap from which descend on each side spiral curls containing a cross white the side locks of hair also end in spirals. [drawing of spirals]
1021 (none) (none) B14994 Terracotta relief. Moulded. Fragment from waist upwards of female figure, nude, hands to breasts, face broken away. Whitish clay.
1023 (none) (none) B15190 Terracotta figure. Moulded. Fragment lower part only of seated female figure with very full flounced skirt and rosettes in relief on bodice: hands clasped below breasts. Support behind. Greenish white clay.
1024 (none) (none) B15194 Terracotta figure. Fr. of. Moulded, and finished by hand. Head and shoulders of a duck. Reddish clay.
1042 (none) (none) B14998 Terracotta figurine. fr. of. in light drab clay. Part (Head and shoulders and feet gone) of the usual nude female type with beaded triangle.


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