The Early Dynastic IIIa Period is marked by the beginning of syllabic writing, recording the full flow of human speech.  This led to the rise of literary texts, poems, histories, etc. instead of just economic documents.  Pu’abi and Meshkalamdug’s graves date to this period.  

Ultra-Low Chronology

Short/Low Chronology: 2500-2375 BCE

Middle Chronology: 2600-2450 BCE

Long/High Chronology: 


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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
7869 (none) (none) (none) Copper cullender. Flat rim, thin metal: the cup pierced with 6 rows of small holes: handle made in one piece with rim, fairly solid, rectangular section, bent over at end, clearly having been in a wooden handle. [drawing]
7982A (none) (none) (none) [A-B] Two copper bowls. One with a well-marked ring base. Both damaged, corroded together, probably more or less hemispherical in shape. Type _.
7994 (none) (none) B17406 Copper bowl. Oval, almost boat-shaped. In good condition but cracked. In it were several lumps of copper, apparently unformed. [type] LXIII.
7995 (none) 1928,1009.321 (none) Copper strainer. Badly broken and distorted. Normal type with broad rim and flat handle. 97.
8123 (none) (none) (none) Bowl. Copper.
8379 (none) (none) (none) Copper bowl. [drawing] Type XIV.
8507 (none) 1928,1010.382 (none) Copper bowl and strainer Oxidised together, but both in pretty good condition. Strainer with handle (broken). Bowl, oval; one end broken. In the middle of each side, on outer rim, there is a coiled wire attachment for a handle (missing). [Type] LXIII
8612 (none) (none) B16775 Gold ribbon. A mass of very thin gold ribbon, wide: originally a single length, now broken into a number of pieces. See field notes.
8625 (none) (none) B17451 Copper bowl. Oval type. Originally provided with a long handle attached to the rim at the middle of the longer sides: this is missing. It was probably of thin (silver?) wire.
8627A (none) (none) (none) [A] Copper tray. ?type 85 (new). Shallow, circular, with beaten-up rim and wide spout flush with tray bottom. Type 13. Resting on this and corroded to it is [B] a copper object [drawing] of sheet copper 70mm wide, the ends bent up. [drawing 1:5]
8628 (none) 1928,1010.383 (none) Copper vase. Shaped rather like a samovar and carved with an open network of twisted silver wire. One end open and the edge here missing (it stood in the soil with this thin end uppermost) Type 12
9334A (none) (none) B17805 Silver vases Spouted (A) In remarkably good condition, but the spout has been bent back touching the rim. (B) Exactly similar, but the lower part is broken and badly warped
9334B (none) (none) (none) Silver vases Spouted (A) In remarkably good condition, but the spout has been bent back touching the rim. (B) Exactly similar, but the lower part is broken and badly warped
9364 (none) 1928,1009.185 (none) Silver bowl with long trough spout, with body finely fluted and engraved, the base outside has an eight petalled flower engraved upon it. Found inside two copper bowls. From the pre-historic graves? (Illustrated Harmsworth Universal History. part 5. facing p.481 : in color.) [card seems to be a replacement]
9787 (none) (none) B17588 Gilt Ornaments. Short copper rods, 006 long, originally encased with very thin gold. Some of these had attached to one end of them 2 small gold leaves: others had a gold flower rosette and the gold leaf had come off. Probably part of the head ornament 9785. Others had a rim round the stem near but not at the end: and there were found fragments of hollow gold leaf-like balls which may have gone above these so as rather to resemble a pomegranate. The copper stems were pierced with very small holes 0005 apart so must have served as spacers for beads, or else been sewn onto something. One of the gold flowers was fixed to a double silver bead, and to one also silver rosettes were similarly attached. [additional drawing on back of card] [drawing]
9792 (none) (none) (none) Copper Bowl. Part of base missing.
9797 (none) 1928,1010.129 (none) Silver Bowl Oval form With engraved line round rim and 3 slightly raised ribs [drawing] It forms part of a mass of broken copper vessels corroded together, and the full details of it cannot be seen. (nos. 11-14 in Field Notes) [Type] LXXXVII
10024A (none) (none) (none) [A-B] Lamps Silver, two were found, one inside the other: the outer lamp completely decayed, the inner in good condition.
10052A (none) (none) (none) [A-D] Silver Bowl 4 Oval - one inside the other. The 3 inner examples are well preserved and have small lapis handles: the outer bowl is much decayed. TYPE__
10413 (none) (none) B17340 Copper Vessels a lamp, ordinary shell type fixed inside a shallow bowl with long handle (broken) & short splayed spout
10436A (none) (none) B16744A Box (?) Semi-circular The body of [B] silver, the lid of [A] shell and lapis inlay. The lid is of soild shell with inlaid diamond decoration found round the edge and engraved concentric lines on the top: inside this frame is a figure of a lion just after a spring silhouetted against lapis, the engraved lines filled in with red and black. Found on the SE side of the the box.
10451 (none) (none) B17692 Gold Lamp bowl with sloped straight sides rising from a ridge foot, with narrow carinated rim: from the rim projects a trough spout. (orig. circular, now bent)
10452 (none) 1928,1010.5 (none) Gold Goblet [drawing]
10453 (none) (none) B17691 Gold Tumbler Straight-sided: the sides fluted: around top and bottom a herring-bone pattern and a double zigzag: on the base an eight-petalled rosette imposed on concentric cirlces: all designs done by chisel and hammer engraving; at one point on the rim a tiny ring-coil (horizontal) as if for suspension. (Dented in)
10454 (none) 1928,1010.6 (none) Gold Spouted vessel. On a small solid base, oval, an oval bowl like a flattened half-egg: the sides fluted with herring-bone and double zigzag pattern engraved round rim and above base. From low on one side rises a tubular spout, curved and growing thinner to the tip. (Bent in). Found with gold and silver vessels at the far end of box [drawing] photo 1042
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