Description (Catalog Card): Group: [A.1-.2] Large gold lunate earring. [B.1-.2] Two heavy gold wire spiral coil hair rings. [C] Necklace of gold and lapis triangles. [D] Necklace of gold and lapis double round beads. [E] Gold pin with fluted lapis head V B. [F] Lapis cylinder seal two registers. [G-I] A set of 3 gold rings, each of cable pattern with plain rim. [J-L] Are human finger bones found inside the rings. Added by project]2     
Find Context (Catalog Card): PG 1237. No 16. New 7     
Material (Catalog Card): Lapis lazuli4     
U Number: 12374F     
Object Type: Seals, Stamps, and Sealings >> Cylinder Seals      
Museum: University of Pennsylvania Museum      
Season Number: 07: 1928-1929      
Description (Modern): Cylinder Seal, two registers. Both registers show symposium, bottom with harp, top with seated figures sipping from straws. Lapis.     
Description (Modern): Cylinder Seal3     
Description (Modern): Object is not sealed.     
Material: Inorganic Remains >> Stones and Minerals >> Mineral >> Semi-precious >> Lapis Lazuli      
Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number): 30-12-2     
Tablet ID Number: P270232     
Measurement (Weight): 27.503     
Measurement (X): 18.003     
Measurement (Y): 18.003     
Measurement (Z): 42.003     
[1] possibly dwarfs
[2] Woolley's description
[3] Aubrey Baadsgaard, “Trends, Traditions, and Transformations: Fashions in Dress in Early Dynastic Mesopotamia” (PhD diss., University of Pennsylvania, 2008).
[4] Material as described by Woolley

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