Description (Catalog Card): Cone of Sinidinnam. Broken. Same inscription in SAAKI. P. 208 b) Tonnegal B. To Utu (sun god), lord of justice, the high chief of heaven and earth, the first of the Annunaki, his king, Sinidinnam, the mighty hero, who cares for Ur, king of Larsa, King of Sumer and Akkad for his own life has built E-babbar his pure abofe, the oracles and decisions, of his sublime course, for many days, he has exalted. The words of Nannar and Utu, in Ebabbar and Egish-shir-gal, Sinidinnam, who reveres the An-nunanaki, who accomplishes the offerings, may he be forever. H.C.1     
Find Context (Catalog Card): S.F     
Material (Catalog Card): Clay2     
[1] Woolley's description
[2] Material as described by Woolley


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Location Context Title Context Description Description (Modern)
Giparu | SF The excavation area abbreviation SF refers to the southeastern portion of the giparu (KP). This building was very large and in season 3 its full extents were not yet known. It was being excavated from the north (HDB) and the south (SF) simultaneously, thus it initially received different abbreviations. SF may stand for South Face or South Front, though this is nowhere recorded. Legrain records "Gipar-ku, SE part" for this context. The shape of the giparu changed through the centuries and SF runs to join with the dublalmah to the east, as that building merged with the giparu in the Neo-Babylonian period. (none)
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Media Media Title Title Label Author Omeka Label
Ur Excavation Volumes Provisional Ur Excavation Volumes Provisional (none) (none) (none)
Woolley's Catalog Cards Woolley's Catalog Cards Card -- BM ID:194 Box:29 Page:108 Card -- BM ID:194 Box:29 Page:108 (none)
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