This category includes mammals, usually portrayed as verylarge and muscular in the torso, with large muscular legs, a mane placed on the neck, a long tail, large ears, the muzzle is long and the teeth are large.  It is usually shown snarling, with its mouth open and teeth exposed.  

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Object U Number Museum Number (UPM Date Reg Number) Museum Number (BM Registration Number) Museum Number (UPM B-number) Description (Catalog Card)
234 (none) (none) B15272 Cylinder seal. Dark steatite. Scratchily engraved with 2 versions of a man fighting with a rampant lion. Poor.
401 (none) (none) (none) Terracotta relief. Head of a lion seen full-face. [drawing 1:1]
653 (none) (none) (none) Amulet(?). Fragment. (lower part missing) of a seated lion(?) carved in brown pebble. [drawing]
1227 (none) (none) B15648 Upper part of a large terracotta relief; a female-headed figure holds before its waist a kind of tray on which stand 2 small human (female)? Figures and 2 uncertain objects lie horizontally before them. Lower part of the relief missing. P. [drawing]
1580 (none) (none) B15704 Clay Lion's head with traces of glaze. P. [drawing 1:1]
1733 (none) (none) B15589 Cylinder seal. grey steatite. Very scratchily engraved on one side only with design of 2 men fighting a lion. P. [drawing]
1777 (none) 1924,0920.374 (none) Relief. Drab clay with lion in relief, skirt of god superimposed. [drawing 1:1]
2865A (none) 1927,1003.164 (none) Terracotta figurine. Nude Ishtar standing upon lion. Broken in two, much defaced. [drawing 1:1]
2990 (none) 1927,1003.153 (none) Terracotta. Two figures, one larger than other holding one vase. Both stand upon beasts. [drawing 1:1]
6109 (none) (none) (none) Lion's muzzle. Drab stone. Fragment. B. [drawing 1:1]
6160 (none) (none) B16286, B16286 Cylinder seal. Black steatite. Not fully paved. Lion attacked by two men 2 lines of defaced inscription. About BC 2100. Required for Vol. VII written.
6169A (none) 1927,0527.229 (none) Baked clay figurine. Nude female standing on a lion. Left arm bent at elbow. E. [drawing 1:1]
6406 (none) (none) B16304 Cylinder seal. Black steatite. Rampant lion attacked by two naked men. Crescent, goose, scorpion. About BC 2400.
6503 (none) (none) B16260 Terracotta fragment. Roaring lion with flowing mane. E. [drawing 1:1]
7000 (none) (none) B16309 Cylinder seal. Black steatite. Rampant lion attacked by two heroes - (like Gilgamesh) 2 posts (supports for emblems)
7121 (none) (none) B16289 Cylinder seal. Steatite. Black. Palm branch between 2 worshippers, who hold hand upraised. Attributes: Crescent moon, Rampant Lion. 2400 BC. E.
7600 (none) (none) B17195 Lion. Limestone. White. Fragment. Broken away behind back of head represented as couched, head resting on forelegs tips of which are missing. Flattened base. Cavity running length-ways down the middle of the body to receive post. Existing portion broken and mended.
7617 (none) (none) B16877 Cylinder seal. Marble. White. 4 bulls rampant of which 3 have human heads, bearded and horned. On either side a rampant lion. Grotesque figure with himan body, animal's head, (possibly a donkey's head??) conical headdress and pig tail? grasps one lion by the tail. c. 3000BC
7641 (none) (none) B16861 Cylinder seal. Green stone. Slightly concave. Broken in antiquity but remended and complete. Gilgamesh and Enkidu back to back the former fighting a rampant bull the latter fighting a rampant lion.
7656 (none) (none) B16865 Cylinder seal. Marble. Mottled grey and black. Slightly concave. Gilgamesh fighting rampant lion; Enkidu fighting rampant bull; lion and bull back to back. c. 2800BC.
7658 (none) (none) B16890 Cylinder seal. Marble? White. Hero between two rampant bulls? On either side of bulls a rampant lion. Between the lions a post surmounted by a star.
7894 (none) (none) B16881 Cylinder seal. Steatite. Black. Scene of worship. Votary led by the hands by minor deity towards seated Nannar. Nannar and minor deity wear flounced kaunakes skirt and low head dress. Votary shaven and shorn wearing long skirt fringed in front. Behind votary a rampant lion between 4 vertical lines, which may represent the doors of a shrine? Attributes: crescent moons one against the other as on the burnt bricks of Sin-Iddinam.
8056B (none) (none) B16891 Cylinder seals of white shell. All in very bad condition. A: 4 animals, the centre two heraldically crossed, and a tree? or man? B: unrecognisable. C: unrecognisable.
8416 (none) (none) B16870 Cylinder seal. Steatite. Green. Small piece missing near one end. Inscribed. Slightly concave. Two rampant lions back to back. Each is attacked by a naked bearded and horned hero. Between the 2 lions tails 3 vertical lines with rounded heads standing above a pair of spread wings? - thus [drawing]
8476 (none) (none) B16887 Cylinder seal Steatite Black Inscribed but illegible. Two heroes attacking a rampant lion. One grasps him by the tail, the other attacks from the front.
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